Radar Detector v Loop Detector – which is better?

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The choice between radar detectors and loop detectors greatly depends on the specific requirements of the application, cost considerations and the desired level of accuracy and reliability.

This article highlights the differences between the two technologies in the context of automatic boom gate safety installation. Both radar detectors and loop detectors can be used for vehicle detection, but the technology used operates differently on each device and each with Pros and Cons.

Infographic about Pros and Cons of RD6 Radar Detector versus Loop Detector

Rotech’s RD6 Radar Detector consists of a radar transmitter, receiver and antenna in one small unit. The radar unit emits radio waves which detect the reflection of these waves off any object (motor vehicle and people) approaching the boom gate.

By integrating the RD6 radar detector with the boom gate control system you can automate the opening and closing of the boom barrier based on the presence or absence of vehicles.

If a vehicle is detected approaching the boom gate, the control mechanism activates the motor to raise the boom gate barrier to allow the vehicle to pass. When the vehicle or pedestrian has exited the detection area the control mechanism lowers the boom gate barrier to restrict access.

Rotech offers a wide range of different types of loop detectors that operate similarly but can be fitted in different ways (11-pin or flat pack for confined spaces and rail mount). A loop detector consists of loops of wire embedded in the pavement near the boom gate barrier that generates an electromagnetic field. When a vehicle passes over the loop, it disrupts the electromagnetic field, triggering the detection of the vehicle.

When the signal processing unit determines the presence, size and speed of the vehicle the automatic boom gate control mechanism activates the motor to raise the boom gate to allow the vehicle to pass.

When the vehicle passes over a second set of loop detectors on the exit side it triggers the gate controller to lower the barrier gate. In summary, both radar detectors and loop detectors have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to detecting vehicles for controlling an automatic boom gate – which one to use depends on the environment in which it is installed.

Competitively priced, all our gate safety equipment solutions comply with international standards. For reliable accurate detection select from our extensive range of loop detectors and logics, vehicle detectors, safety beams, and safety light curtains to secure your gate or entrance.

Contact us to discuss whether a radar detector or loop detector is best suited to your application for safe, reliable security around an automatic boom gate.

Key Considerations when Choosing a Boom Gate

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Boom gates are critical access control solutions that provide security by restricting vehicle and pedestrian entry to authorised persons only. They serve as an important first line of defence.

When selecting a boom gate, it is important to consider; application, traffic flow, site dimensions, safety, and special environmental factors. Taking the time to evaluate these factors will ensure you choose the optimal boom gate system for your specific needs.

At Rotech, we offer a wide variety of high-quality automatic, manual, commercial and industrial-grade boom gates. Engineered for performance and built to last, our boom gates are made with premium European components. Upon arrival at our warehouse, our team fully tests them before shipping them to our customers.

Whether you need an affordable solution for low-volume traffic or robust access control for a busy industrial site, we have durable and technologically advanced boom gates to suit your application.

Choosing the right boom gate involves carefully considering the specific needs of your application and site. From traffic flow and available space to safety and compliance, these factors play a crucial role in selecting the most suitable boom gate for your project.

Boom gates can be tailored to various access control requirements, whether it’s controlling vehicle traffic, pedestrian access, or both. Consider the lane width and whether dedicated pedestrian lanes are needed for vehicular control. Pedestrian-only gates should prioritise safety features like sensors and controls to minimise the risk of accidents.

The frequency and volume of traffic are crucial factors in determining the appropriate boom gate duty cycle. Wider boom gate arms can efficiently manage multiple lanes simultaneously. It’s essential to analyze traffic patterns to ensure smooth and efficient gate operation.

Ensure there’s sufficient overhead clearance to accommodate the fully raised boom arm. Adequate space is also required for the operating equipment and routine maintenance access without disrupting traffic flow.

Boom gates must adhere to Australian safety standards, particularly for pedestrian protection. Proper sensors and controls should be implemented to prevent pedestrian accidents.

In extreme environments or harsh weather conditions, additional considerations like corrosion protection and wind load ratings may be necessary for boom gate durability.

Our extensive range of high-quality boom gates engineered and manufactured in Europe to exacting standards includes manual, automatic, and heavy-duty industrial boom gates with options to suit nearly every application.

  • The Bionik AG is our rugged heavy industrial boom gate built with a reinforced 3mm thick steel cabinet and heavy-duty springs for exceptional wind resistance. Designed for intensive-use sites, it delivers up to 5,000 cycles per day. The Bionik BK compact boom gate retains the functionality of the AG model with a smaller footprint. Its safety features and 100% duty cycle make it ideal for car parks and general industry sites with tight spaces.

  • For precise access control, the Sentinel EVA 24V boom gate provides programmable multi-function digital controls and ultra-responsive performance. With intuitive controls, built-in battery backup and synchronised capabilities for multi-lane access, the Sentinel LD5 quality boom gate is easy to install and suitable for openings up to 5 meters wide. 

  • Requiring no electrical power, the manual Sentinel MB2 boom gate uses an internal spring balancing mechanism for smooth raising and lowering of the arm along with a simple thumbwheel lock.

  • Harnessing solar energy, the innovative Sector SW2 stainless steel boom gate offers electronic safety sensing and low-voltage DC operation suited for off-grid applications. Spanning extra wide 10-meter access points, our Access XL barrier provides energy-efficient rapid cycling for high-traffic volume sites. 

  • Where robust access control is mandated for secured facilities, the ELKA Koloss 12-meter heavy-duty industrial boom gate delivers sophisticated programmable controls and fast 12-second operation speed to secure sites after each entry promptly.

With quality European-engineered solutions for every boom gate application, we stand ready to help customers select the model that best fits their requirements whether high cycle intense usage or cost-effective low-volume access control.

Complementing our boom gate systems is a range of accessory products to expand functionality. The Sentinel surface mount tyre spikes offer high visibility vehicle stopping power at gate entrances for added security. 

With modular segments for flexible installation, these spikes act as an additional deterrent integrated with the gate control system. We also provide accessories like boom gate skirts to prevent bypassing under the barrier arm as well as a variety of warning lights to outfit gates. 

Light options range from basic indicator lights to full overhead warning arrays with user-programmable illumination sequences. Accessories enable customization of installations to meet site requirements.

Our broad selection of European-engineered boom gates offers solutions for every application whether high-traffic industrial sites or cost-focused low-volume access points. 

Full-Height Turnstiles: Benefits, Features, and Applications

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As a renowned provider of robust commercial access control solutions and high-traffic security barriers, we understand the key role turnstiles play in multi-layered access control strategies. 

This article provides an overview of full-height turnstiles, including their purpose, benefits, features, customization options, and typical applications. 

We’ll discuss how they offer more security than waist-high or gate options, integrate with access control systems, guide visitor flow, and prevent unauthorized entry. 

Additionally, we’ll highlight our flagship model, the Tristar F21 Full Height Turnstile, as an example of the configurable security, safety mechanisms, and reliability our products provide. With vast experience in securing critical infrastructure and regulated environments, we offer turnstiles specially designed for sites requiring stringent access management.

Read on to understand why full-height turnstiles are trusted by high-traffic, safety-conscious organizations seeking robust and customizable access control solutions.

Full-height turnstiles provide more secure access control than waist-high or swing gate options. Standing over 7 feet tall, their rotating design allows passage of one person at a time after identity verification.  

The enclosed circular construction deters unauthorized entry by climbing or squeezing through gaps. It also guides visitors to flow in an orderly line, rather than a potential swarm navigating an open gate.

Importantly, full-height turnstiles eliminate the risk of tailgating or piggybacking that open gates allow. They close quickly after each entry, denying immediate secondary access. This ensures all visitors check in properly one-by-one upon verification.

Full-height turnstiles also readily integrate with various access control systems to regulate passage, like valid credential scans, breathalyzers, metal detectors, etc. Access is denied unless these verification requirements are met.

For high-traffic environments requiring secure and orderly access control, full-height turnstiles are the superior choice. Their imposing physical presence and integrated verification technology deter unauthorized entry for safer access management.

With enhanced security and more stringent access control capabilities than barrier gates, full-height turnstiles provide additional key benefits that make them the ideal choice for sites prioritizing safety.

The key benefit full height turnstiles provide is enhanced security and access control functionality. By guiding visitor flow one-by-one and integrating directly with systems like access control cards or biometric screening, sites can regulate and permit access on an individual level.

Full-height turnstiles serve as an imposing physical barrier that eliminates risks of tailgating, climbing over, or pushing through entry points. 

As outlined in the product overview earlier for Rotech’s TriStar F21 model, the units feature a hardened steel build, weatherproof roofs, and rapid rotation speeds to quickly close gaps after use. This creates both physical and psychological deterrence for would-be trespassers. 

The TriStar F21 also highlighted built-in support for most access control system standards. This allows the integration of credentials, blacklists, screening results and more to allow or deny access in line with site regulations. For example, matching valid ID scans to employee databases, utilizing facial recognition, or connecting alcohol breathalyzer.

Linked to access control, full height turnstiles also enhance safety by restricting unauthorized or impaired individuals from entering dangerous areas. For example, mines, construction sites, factories and other sites can pair units with breathalyzers to protect personnel in hazard zones or around heavy machinery. 

Access will be denied to anyone deemed unfit for site conditions after scanning. Additionally, full height turnstiles guide visitor flow to keep pathways orderly and prevent crowding at ingress or egress points. This allows large groups to move safely.

By leveraging both physical barriers and configurable access policies, full height turnstiles are uniquely positioned to boost security and safety compared to other access options. 

In addition to these overarching benefits, full height turnstiles offer numerous features to provide well-rounded, customizable access control for sites with diverse requirements.

Full height turnstiles showcase several advanced features that enable them to be flexible solutions tailored to each organization’s specific needs.

Many full height turnstile models offer solar power options. Units like Rotech’s TriStar F21 can operate off-grid via integrated solar panels and battery storage. This enables access control for outdoor venues, temporary events, construction sites without electrical infrastructure, or locations where connecting to mains power is challenging.

Mounting brackets come standard to allow the integration of card readers, biometric scanners, intercom systems and more. This facilitates the access control screening process. Sites can utilize existing verification systems or choose devices that meet their security policies.

The enclosed rotating design, weatherproof roof, and durable steel build of full height turnstiles actively deter intruders from attempting to climb or force passage. Status indicators also notify security teams of closed/open status and if emergency releases have been triggered for fast response.

Batteries integrated into the units provide reliable access control even during power outages. For example, our flagship model, the TriStar F21 offers up to 3,000 cycles without mains power. This prevents unexpected system failures.

Many optional features beyond these examples are also available, as full height turnstiles aim to provide holistic and customizable access management functionalities.

These turnstiles provide unwavering access control, seamlessly integrating with a range of access control technologies, including keypads, card readers, or biometric scanners. They meticulously regulate access, ensuring only authorized individuals enter designated zones.

Full-height turnstiles, equipped with sophisticated data collection and reporting capabilities, revolutionize traffic flow and security analysis. These turnstiles gather entry data, offering valuable insights into employee and visitor movement patterns. 

In emergency evacuation scenarios, the prompt identification of individuals who have entered or exited the building is crucial for ensuring the safety of all occupants. 

The full-height turnstile offers advanced security and data management features, including time and attendance monitoring for everyone, visitor movement tracking, unauthorized entry restriction, real-time turnstile status monitoring, and emergency key release access. 

These functionalities ensure the efficient control of access and optimize traffic flow while safeguarding the premises and occupants.

The TriStar F21’s enhanced security monitoring capabilities include real-time indication of the turnstile’s state, whether open or closed, and whether entry or exit is freewheeling. This crucial information safeguards the premises’ security and integrity.

The TriStar F21 full-height turnstile, when coupled with a robust access control system, stands as a formidable security and safety measure. Data collection and reporting functionalities offer valuable insights into traffic patterns, empowering informed decision-making. 

Real-time status monitoring and the emergency key release system ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry and that the turnstile functions flawlessly.

Full-height turnstiles offer a wide range of customization options that allow you to tailor them to your specific needs and requirements. Whether you require additional security features, branding elements, or modifications to adapt to various space constraints, these turnstiles provide a versatile solution.

The TriStar F21 full-height turnstile stands out for its extensive customization capabilities. Its compatibility with various access control systems ensures seamless integration into existing security infrastructure. 

Moreover, specialized features can be incorporated into the standard design to meet unique requirements. A few customization options include the following:

  • Wide Access Gate: an optional wide access gate, seamlessly extending the turnstile frame, provides unrestricted passage for larger items like wheelchairs, bulky deliveries, and equipment.
  • Solar Panel Operation:  the option of solar panel operation eliminates the need for traditional electrical connections, making the TriStar F21 ideal for remote locations, construction sites, or areas with limited power access.
  • Portable Version: a portable version of the TriStar F21 offers flexibility in deployment, allowing for convenient placement in various settings.
  • Roof and Anti-Climb Mesh: enhanced security can be obtained by incorporating a roof and anti-climb mesh, further deterring unauthorized access, and protecting the turnstile from potential tampering.

We provide safe and secure access solutions and our TriStar F21 full-height turnstile, with its extensive customization options and built-in safety features, exemplifies our commitment.

Additionally, Despite the lack of formal regulations governing the gate industry in Australia, we adhere to the highest standards of safety and security, ensuring that our products meet the needs of Australian customers.

With unmatched access control capabilities and configurable features, full-height turnstiles have diverse applications across many industries and environments including:

  • Corporate Campuses: guide high-traffic entry/exit to offices, and restrict access to secure areas.
  • Stadiums & Entertainment Venues:  manage crowds, verify tickets, and tighten security zones.
  • Government, Military, & Critical Infrastructure Sites: layered access control vital for security.
  • Industrial Facilities: protect unauthorized access to dangerous areas.

And more – any site managing an influx of people or securing sensitive areas can benefit from full-height turnstiles.

TriStar F21 Full Height SecuirtyTurnstile with Solar Option
TriStar F21 Full Height Security Turnstile with Solar Option

Our flagship full-height turnstile is the Australian-engineered TriStar F21 model. As the original full-height turnstile was created domestically, it is designed for local conditions and to provide adaptable access control with special optional features.

The TriStar F21 is compatible with all standard access control systems to integrate credentials, badges, biometrics, and intercom systems for visitor screening. Special add-ons can also be incorporated like breathalyzers for sites needing extra security layers.

For reliability, the TriStar F21 features a mechanical drive system with a conditional 5-year warranty. This robust commercial-grade construction stands up to high traffic volumes. The unit also has an integrated solar power option for off-grid usage paired with a battery backup system. Batteries provide up to 3,000 cycles during power failures to prevent disruption. 

The TriStar F21 is a trusted and proven full-height turnstile solution for sites across corporate, government, entertainment, industrial and other sectors. With tailored access control policies and hardy construction, it’s the ideal choice for managing ingress/egress points prone to overflow crowds or needing stringent verification.

Full-height turnstiles provide unmatched access control and security compared to barrier gates or waist-high units. Standing over 7 feet tall with durable steel construction, they allow orderly and regulated passage after identity verification on an individual level.

As we’ve covered, full-height turnstiles from trusted providers like us limit the risks of unauthorized access, tailgating, and intrusion that open gates invite. Configurable access systems also enhance safety by restricting impaired individuals from entering hazardous areas. 

With customizable credentialing, biometric scans, breath analysis and more, full-height turnstiles keep sites secure while enabling efficient visitor processing. Added reliability features like solar power and battery backup prevent system failures even in challenging conditions.

Rotech offers industry-leading full-height turnstiles purpose-built for Australian requirements, with models like the flagship TriStar F21 anchoring access control strategies across the country.

To see how our secure, adaptable full-height turnstiles can become the cornerstone of your site safety, contact our team today for a free consultation on finding the ideal solution tailored for your access control needs.

Cutting-Edge Innovations in The Sliding Gate Opener Market

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Technological innovation is driving unprecedented enhancements in gate automation. Automatic sliding gate openers are no exception to this trend, with several cutting-edge advancements worth mentioning. 

From smart connectivity to enhanced security, these cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the way we think about industrial sliding gate motors and sliding gate automation.

In this article, we explore how sliding gate operators are delivering unmatched efficiency, security, and operational control.

Let’s take a closer look at sliding gate openers and discover real-world examples of the innovations that have reshaped the landscape of this industry, setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability.

Smart Gate Openers & Wireless Connectivity

One of the most significant innovations in electric sliding gate operators is the integration of smart technology. 

For instance, an electric gate opener can now be controlled remotely through a smartphone app, offering unprecedented convenience — easy to set up and schedule gate opening and closing times.

Remote diagnostics and maintenance are other remarkable features. You can monitor and troubleshoot issues remotely, reducing maintenance costs and minimising downtime.

Manufacturers have also invested in user-friendly interfaces, including touchscreen panels and intuitive mobile apps, making gate operation simpler and more accessible. 

In this category, the SMART wireless sliding gate operators that stand out are the D5, D10, and D20.

Enhanced Security & Obstacle Detection

Security is paramount when it comes to gate automation. Advanced encryption for remote control, real-time monitoring, and integration with security camera systems have become standard features in modern gate openers. 

Obstacle detection is another critical aspect. Sliding gate openers now incorporate sophisticated sensors to detect obstructions in their path, instantly halting or reversing their movement to prevent accidents.

Battery backup systems have also emerged as a vital safety feature. In cases of power outages or emergencies, gate openers equipped with battery backups ensure that gates can still operate, even when there’s no external power source available.

Eco-Friendly & Energy-Efficient Designs

Energy efficiency is more than a buzzword — it’s a fundamental consideration in gate opener technology. Innovations have led to energy-efficient motors and standby modes, reducing power consumption when not in use.

Besides contributing to sustainability, solar-powered sliding gate openers such as the D5 EVO are especially valuable in situations where running power cables to the gate location is impractical. 

Low voltage sliding gate openers, such as the D5 Low Voltage Sliding Gate Operator, not only exemplify technological excellence but also champion sustainability.

High-Quality Materials & Durability

Gate openers must endure harsh environmental conditions and heavy use. Italian-manufactured motors like the Sentinel B12 and Sentinel B17 sliding gate operators, known for precision and quality, are featured in our product range. 

These heavy-duty electric sliding gate motors are robust and built to last, ensuring your gate opener stands the test of time.

Undoubtedly, technological advancements are reshaping the landscape of sliding gate openers. These innovations improve security, convenience, sustainability, and durability.

When choosing a sliding gate opener for your property, carefully assess your needs and try to understand how these innovations can help you achieve the desired result.

Need assistance with choosing the right sliding gate motor?
Contact ROTECH today, and our experts will get in touch with you promptly to assist you with your particular requirements.

What to Know When Choosing a Sliding Gate Operator

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Does your home or office need extra protection and easier access?  Then the answer is simple: install an effective automatic security gate system.

Adding an automatic sliding gate motor onto your new or existing sliding gate will promote a safer, convenient and more secure home or work environment. Automatic slide gate operators, similarly to automatic boom gates and turnstiles, actively improve your privacy and protect your business from unwanted intrusion. These types of access control systems will also increase the value of your property, especially as security becomes a more relevant issue in our world today.

But before installing the sliding gate operator, you need to consider which motor is right for your specific property. To help decide which sliding gate operator installation is the best option for your property, you’ll need to answer these four crucial questions.

What situation is your sliding gate for?

It is important to know the application of your sliding gate before purchasing a sliding gate operator because it will determine the type of operator that is suitable for your gate (i.e. a commercial slide gate operator or a residential slide gate operator).

Different settings such as residential, commercial or industrial can affect the level of usage and frequency of operation that the gate will receive, therefore affecting the choice of operator. Failing to match the correct operator to your sliding gate can result in operational issues, reduced performance, or even damage to the gate and operator. 

What size and weight is your gate?

The type of sliding gate operator you choose is dependent on the size and weight of your existing gate. The heavier or longer your gate is will dictate the size of the motor you choose. Sliding gate operators are available from domestic light duty for residential properties to industrial extreme heavy duty for factories and site entrances.

What pulling force do you need?

Knowing the required pulling force is important when purchasing a sliding gate operator because it ensures that the operator will be able to handle the weight of the gate and overcome any obstacles, such as wind resistance or uneven terrain.

The pulling force, also known as the operating force, is the amount of power that the operator needs to apply to the gate in order to move it smoothly and efficiently. If the operator does not have enough pulling force, the gate may become stuck or struggle to open, leading to increased wear and tear on the operator, as well as potential safety hazards. On the other hand, if the operator has too much pulling force, it can cause excessive stress on the gate and result in damage or early failure. Because of this, accurately determining the required pulling force before making a purchase is crucial for ensuring a safe and efficient operation of your sliding gate.

Is solar right for you?

Sliding gate operators come with solar options. This is especially good if you are on a rural property or have limited access to a power source. You will need to consider the position of the gate in regards to light as large trees or structures may inhibit the effectiveness of the solar output. Solar technology has come a very long way and is more reliable than ever; however, choose an operator that has “battery back-up” so that on the days of limited light you can draw on the saved backed up energy stored in the battery.

Learn more about the pros and cons of solar powered gates here.

How fast do you want your gate to open?

Knowing how fast you want your gate to open will help you decide which sliding security gate system is right for your property. If the gate is in a vulnerable area, a fast entry and exit is important, so as not to leave yourself, your property or your vehicle unprotected in the interim of opening and closing. You may require quick entry to your property if your driveway is on a busy road, so as not to hold up the traffic or trigger tail gate accidents. Choose a gate operator that allows speed to be independently adjusted. That way you have complete control, allowing yourself a quick entry followed by a safer and slower closing speed. For this reason, slide gate operators are available in standard and safe turbo speeds.

How do you want to control the gate access to your property?

Depending on the level of security and ease of access that you want, you can choose from a variety of access control methods to open and close your gate. These include: remote control access, keypad access, photoelectric beam (PE) through beams or even access using your mobile phone! A large range of access control equipment from transmitters to PE beams, keypads and GSM mobile phone devices are available here at Rotech.

Whether you want to increase your security and safety, or you simply want to have the convenience of fast and easy entry and exit, installing a slide gate operator offers both benefits.

Need Help? Get In Contact!

Looking for top quality slide gate operators?  Contact Rotech today and our team will be happy to provide you with further information about our wide range of access control systems that can be custom-made to fit your needs and requirements. From automatic boom gates and turnstiles, to sliding gates motors and solar gate openers, our team will help you choose the right security gate system for your property.

SafePass 5GF Detector provides a simple solution to a difficult parking situation

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Parking can be tricky at the best of times but throw in a very narrow roadway, a dead-end and many already parked cars – it can turn into a much more difficult proposition.

This scenario is the situation for a Medical Centre whose doctors parking bays are located at the rear of the building. 

The problem is that when all ten parking spaces are full, there isn’t enough room for a car to turn around. The only way to get out is to reverse back down the roadway.

A solution to keep people safe

To solve this problem, the Centre operators decided to install a sign at the front of the building to display how many parking spaces are available.  If there are no empty parking bays, doctors would know not to enter the car park and avoid the need to reverse out.

In a typical car parking situation, a PE beam would count the cars entering and exiting the parking area, incrementing or decreasing the number of spaces available displayed on the sign.

However, after trialling several different styles of sensors, the system integrator, Paul Leonardi from Leotec, wasn’t able to find one that worked successfully.  As both pedestrians and vehicles use the roadway, the issue was to find a way to count the cars and not the people passing through the entrance.

SafePass 5GF Detector making it work

Paul eventually installed two of Rotech’s recently released SafePass 5GF detectors. The 5GF is a hi-tech microwave sensor featuring the unique ability to detect both pedestrians and vehicles.

Installing two detection devices meant that once a vehicle breaks both beams, it activates a controller with directional logic, which counts the car but ignores any pedestrians.

The parking availability sign at the roadway entrance initially displays the total number of parking bays. As one vehicle enters, it counts down, and when one leaves, it counts up.  When all parking spaces are occupied, the sign shows FULL.

About the SafePass 5GF Detector

This unique new detector is the most efficient and effective alternative to loop detectors and PE beams.  The SafePass 5GF Detector can be set to accurately detect and count pedestrians and/or vehicles affording greater security and safety around boom gates and other situations where vehicles and people share the same space. 

  • No need for messy, expensive roadworks: the 5GF can be positioned anywhere providing the flexibility to accommodate a range of detection scenarios i.e. on walls and ceilings in underground car parks.
  • Features a superior detection range of 4 metres: the 5GF Detector uses cutting edge microwave technology to accurately control the boom gate’s opening and closing.  A fast response time of 150 milliseconds ensures an immediate reversal of the boom gate when an obstruction is detected.
  • Reliable: using ISM 5.8GHz band and advanced MMIC transceiver ensures the 5GF provides stable performance and high reliability
  • Easy to setup: the handheld programmer makes it quick and easy to set up the detection area required without the need for a computer.

To find out more about how and where you can use this unique safety product click here to go to the product page or contact us by email: info@rotech.com.au or call +61 7 32051123.

5 Reasons why this Sliding Gate Opener is so SMART

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One of the first electric gate motors was invented in 1881 – needless to say, automatic gate openers have come a long way.

In today’s world, nothing is untouched by technology; modern automated gate systems allow all types of gates to be opened or closed by a remote, intercom, or security code. They are increasingly becoming more reliable, secure, and easy to use.

The new D5 SMART is a sliding gate motor that has taken gate automation to the next level incorporating the latest advances in technology.

What makes the D5 SMART sliding gate operator smart: 

1. SPEED | Incredible speed means more security

With an incredible top speed of 36 metres per minutethe D5 SMART is the fastest in its class and delivers the perfect balance between security and safety. Moving gates at nearly twice the speed of its predecessor, the D5 SMART safeguards against tailgating, considerably reduces the time spent waiting in the driveway and ensures safe and secure access in and out of your property.


The D5 SMART sliding gate motor, engineered to take all the effort out of operating your gate, brings pushbutton convenience through industry-leading intelligence. Wireless and effortless, it is easy to set up, configure, and manage your automatic sliding gate using your smartphone. Advanced diagnostic feedback and reporting make identifying and troubleshooting easier.

3. BATTERY BACK-UP | Longer battery standby

The D5 SMART’s reliable 24-volt battery back-up system delivers more operations and provides continued operation for up to 35 cycles during power outages. 

Featuring an intelligent battery charger with onboard diagnostics and SMΔRT communication between the charger and the controller provides security and convenience like never before.

4.  SAFETY | Designed to incorporate advanced safety features

The D5 SMΔRT’s mechanical design boasts advanced safety features and cutting-edge obstruction detection technology, ensuring that your gate isn’t only secure but completely safe.

The improved position control system, incorporating hall effect technology, is highly resistant to interference. Gate opening and closing speeds can be independently adjusted, helping to reduce accidents and damage to the gate. If needed, the D5 features a convenient and intuitive single-action manual release.

5. SECURITY | Innovative theft protection

The D5’s theft-resistant cage bracket that threads through the gearbox offers outstanding security and peace of mind. The sliding gate operator has a built-in vibration sensor that can be linked to an alarm to notify you if the gate motor is being tampered with, potentially helping to prevent theft of the gate motor as well as break-ins.

Designed for speed and performance, crafted for excellence, ruggedly robust, and endlessly innovative, the D5 SMART automatic sliding gate motor is smart, sophisticated, and cutting-edge.

Interested in more information about the D5 SMART Sliding Gate Opener download our Product Datasheet . Call us on 07 3205 1123 or email us if you have any questions.

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Bionik AG Boom Gates Playing a Vital Role at Cross River Rail Work Sites

Post by: admin - November 3, 2021

WOOLLOONGABBA STATION PRECINCT | Woollongabba station is one of five new high-capacity Cross River Rail stations expected to be used by over 164,000 passengers daily.

The first full station site to be prepped and ready, Woolloongabba is the engine room of the Cross River Rail project. The two huge boring machines were launched from this site in early 2021 and tunnelled 2.5 half kilometres beneath the Brisbane River and CBD breaking through at Roma Street in August.

The site has been a continuous hive of activity since early works began. Ensuring construction work at this site continues to progress at a fast pace and without incident is vital to the whole project meeting scheduled deadlines.

“There is a lot of big gear so we have to make sure there is a good separation between people and plant to keep people safe on the site”
– Inaki Goni, RIS Area Engineering Manager, Cross River Rail

The key to keeping the works on track is to facilitate unhindered movement of people and heavy equipment in and round the construction site.


The Delivery Authority was faced with two safety priorities – keeping its workforce safe and protecting the general public from harm.  The solution was to put access control systems in place, both in and around the site, at locations where workers or the public are potentially at risk.

Keeping its workforce safe

Despite being the biggest of the Cross River Rail worksites,  excavation, tunnelling and earthmoving works on such a large scale leave little room for contractors to move around the site safely. 

To ensure their workers go home safe to their families every day the Delivery Authority implemented a raft of workplace health and safety measures.

One of these initiatives was to install Rotech’s Bionik boom gates at various high-risk locations within the workspace.  Operated by long-range transmitters, the boom gates control the flow of internal pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  

Keeping the public safe

The Woollongabba site is bounded on all sides by busy roads and pedestrian walkways.  A busy commercial and residential area means many people and vehicles are moving around the worksite perimeter.   

To protect passers-by from haulage trucks and other heavy traffic moving in and out of the site the Delivery Authority installed  Bionik AG pedestrian access gates at the three site entries at Main, Vulture and Leopard Streets.

EXAMPLE: One of the ways Rotech’s Bionik AG Automatic Boom Gates are being used to keep pedestrians safe at busy entry points the Woollongabba Cross River Rail site.

  • The vehicle boom gate across the entry/exit road usually remains closed 
  • When a vehicle wants to enter or leave the site, the entrance operator activates the gates via a long-range transmitter
  • Lights on the top of each pedestrian boom gate positioned on either side of the entrance flash a warning to passers-by
  • After 2-3 seconds, the poles on both gates come down across the footpath, preventing people from walking into the path of the exiting vehicle
  • Once the pedestrian gates are fully closed, the boom gate at the site entrance opens, allowing the truck through the intersection.
  • After the truck clears the safety loop on the entrance road, the boom gate closes again.


Ideal for construction sites, the Bionik AG combines intelligent programming, multiple safety features and tough construction to reliably provide safe and secure access control in harsh industrial locations.

The new generation Bionik AG’s unique design offers precise speed control, easily programmed multi-function digital controller and ultra-responsive performance. 

Advanced features provide smooth operation, instant reversing, superior safety sensing, tough 100% duty cycle and low power consumption at an affordable price.

Strategically placed warning lights on the top of the boom gate cabinet and the boom pole, loop detectors and 2 safety beams ensure vehicles and pedestrians alike are protected.

The mechanical quality of the Bionik AG is exceptional, with machined steel gears and high-quality bearings. The strong gearbox and self-locking mechanism prevents damage from vandalism as the pole cannot be forced.

The revolutionary brushless motor provides much greater efficiency – allowing up to 4000 operations per day with ultra-low power consumption. 

If you would like further information about this or other safety and security solutions call Vince on 07 3250 1123 or email us at info@rotech.com.au

References:  Information relating to Cross River Rail project activity was sourced from the official State of Queensland website at https://crossriverrail.qld.gov.au – Last Accessed 26 October 2021

Bionik AG Boom Gates helping turn Trash into Treasure

Post by: admin - October 11, 2021

Until July 2019, Queensland was the only state without a waste levy, making it an attractive place for interstate operators to dump waste.  Queensland also had one of the lowest recycling rates in the country.

After years of no levy on landfills, the Queensland government implemented its waste levy on 1 July 2019, aimed at:

  • promoting the idea of recycling and resource recovery, reducing waste going to landfills and waste reduction; and
  • stemming the flow of cross border shipping of waste from other states.

The introduction of the levy significantly changed the way waste facilities operate. Funds raised by the levies are used to finance waste and recycling initiatives and encourage waste avoidance.

The new regulations have resulted in waste disposal operators being more vigilant about managing who uses their dump, segregating waste, and improving recycling facilities. 

The Moreton Bay Region has the unique position of having available land space for dumping where other Councils have run out.  However, with residents more actively cleaning up at home or undertaking DYI during COVID the amount of waste taken to the tip has more than doubled, making the need to recycle a priority.


As part of its focus on improving and enhancing existing waste infrastructure and waste management practices, the Moreton Bay Regional Council undertook a   $6 million overhaul of its Dakabin Waste Transfer station.

The upgrade included improved road linkages, directional signs, safety fencing, CCTV security, and a new community recycling facility. The new site layout makes it easier for businesses and residents to use and identify resource recovery and reuse options. 

Image of Bionik AG Boom Gate in operation at Dakabin Dump

“We’re not only increasing the capacity of the Dakabin Waste Transfer Station, we’re redesigning it so that locals can get in and out as quickly as possible”
Moreton Bay Region Mayor said.

Essential to delivering Council’s “Faster, Greener, Cleaner Dumping” objectives is providing safe, secure and efficient access control at entry and exit points.  The Council installed three Rotech Bionik boom gates at Dakabin to facilitate the fast throughput of high volumes of traffic experienced during peak times.

The operator in the entrance booth uses a push-button to activate the boom gate on entry.  Warning lights flash alerting site visitors when the boom pole is opening or closing.  Once the vehicle has cleared the entrance or exit a safety PE beam closes the boom gate ready for the next vehicle.


  • High operational efficiency – 100% duty cycle
  • Up to 4000-5000 operations per day – ultra-low power consumption
  • Customisable for all types of weighbridges
  • Relocatable for temporary entry areas around the facility if required
  • Optional solar power is available for areas without access to mains power
  • Automatic emergency opening: of the boom gate triggered by the fire alarm


Priority on Safety

  • Manual opening: easily opened using the release key
  • Increased control of safety sensing: motor design enables instant reversing of the boom pole if any safety devices are activated or if the pole is obstructed.
  • Essential safety features: strategically placed warning lights on the top of the cabinet are standard. 
  • Battery back-up: will continue to function for up to 300 operations in the event of power failure allowing vehicles to exit.

Rotech are leaders in automated access control –  our boom gates are tough, Reliable, cost-effective and easily configured for different locations.  Call us on (07) 3205 1123 or email us


Recycling and waste in Queensland report | https://www.qld.gov.au/environment/pollution/management/waste/recovery/data-reports/recycling-waste, Last accessed 28 September 2021

Queensland Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy website | | https://qed.qld.gov.au/our-publications/strategiesandplans/Documents/waste-reduction-recycling-plan.pdf, Last accessed 28 September 2021

Moreton Bay Regional Council website | https://www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au/News/Media/2020/Dakabin-Waste-Facility-Upgrade

How Smart Touchless Solutions Help Prevent Virus Spread in Car Parks

Post by: admin - March 12, 2021
Share: SafePass J Wave Touchless Door Activation Sensor

Locations such as car parks are unavoidably public and contact heavy situations. Shutting down car parks is not an option despite the government-mandated shutdowns. Why? They need to serve essential workers. With many communities starting to open up, these common areas should also be made safer for people who will drive and park their cars.

Are you worried about the spread of viruses in your parking areas? With the current global pandemic, it’s time to incorporate touchless technologies to your car park access control system. Not only do they make powerful tools for handling entry and access points for vehicles, but they are also cost-effective ways of minimising the risk of virus contagion in parking spaces.

Touching buttons when entering a car park or queuing at pay stations is not only inconvenient for customers but the requirement for increased disinfection measures for car park operators is costly and time-consuming.

What Are Some of the Different Touchless Solutions for Car Parks?

The addition of resource saving touchless technology and remote-based solutions that can be instantly integrated into existing access control systems can satisfy current safety requirements making consumers feel safe because they require little-to-no physical interaction while parking. These alternatives can take many forms and transform your process into a digital parking system.

  1. Virtual and Auto-dispensed Tickets. When everyone worries about touching a surface loaded with germs, virtual or auto-dispensed tickets may be the answer. Motion sensors can be installed, and then waving hello will let you get a ticket without touching any screen. You won’t need to push buttons to take tickets and reinsert them at a pay station or exit.
  2. Mobile Applications. Mobile apps can also generate virtual tickets, which avoid the need of touching buttons or payment-generating equipment. They remove the hassle of managing manual payments and make the transactions touch free. 
  3. RFID Parking. designed to efficiently control the entrance and exit gates of parking facilities RFID readers permit vehicles to enter or exit the car park without human intervention. Instead of swiping an ID card or pushing numbers on a keypad, all one has to do is approach the gate, where RFID readers will authenticate the vehicle and allow it to pass through.

How Do Touchless Access Control Solutions in Car Parks Differ from Traditional Parking Systems?

What is an innovation if it doesn’t make things better? Here are reasons why touchless solutions can help you overcome today’s challenge on viruses.

  1. Contactless. Using contactless access control technologies in your car park provides quick and convenient access without the need for human interaction at the point of entry or exit. And that’s a great way of satisfying your customers; they will have greater confidence with your systems.
  2. No Aggressive Cleaning Required. Sanitation is a high priority nowadays, and in traditional car parks there are many touchpoints where cleaning is necessary -entry and exit points, ticket vending machines, door handles, buttons and payment machines. With people using them all day, frequent cleaning is necessary. When no-touch access control systems are in place this reduces the risk of contaminated surfaces.
  3. Automated. Using a combination of hands-free access control, on-line booking and automated management systems, you can manage your car parking facility remotely.  Cashless transactions and the minimal staffing requirements reduces administration costs while minimising exposure for both consumers and employees to potential contamination.
  4. Licence Plate Recognition. Now a common feature in major shopping centre car parks, licence plate recognition controls and enforces timed parking limit policies.  , the system permits fast, hands-free car park access, minimising congestion and providing expedient entry/exit flow at parking gates.
  5. Facial Recognition. An effective method of improving public safety, similar to licence plate recognition, authorised access is achieved without the need for cards or other forms of identity.  The advantage of facial recognition is the ability to manage access by individuals driving the vehicle rather than the vehicle itself.

Innovations in boom gate design making it all possible

Enabling the implementation of these modern access control technologies are new hi-tech automated boom gates which have evolved to become smaller, smarter, faster and tougher – Rotech boom gate range feature:

  • Fast, precise speed control; making entry and exit a breeze
  • Automated access control; boom gates compatible with all access control systems and validation methods including; key card, ticket, cash or credit card payment, number plate or facial recognition software
  • Higher security; intelligent control panel software manages illegal entry and exit.  Preventing tailgating and car theft as offenders are unable to get in and out of the car park without validation.  
  • Superior safety sensing capability protecting people and vehicles.

Would you like to make your transition to touch-free systems easy? Create a touch-free and contactless transaction for your clients, staff members, and tenants. Contact Rotech to find out more about access control products that can improve your traffic flow and parking operational processes without the risk of contracting viruses. Call (07) 3205 1123 today.


“How Coronavirus Is Shifting Strategies for Parking Garages.” Facilitiesnet, 26 June 2020, www.facilitiesnet.com/facilitiesmanagement/article/How-Coronavirus-is-Shifting-Strategies-for-Parking-Garages–18950.

“Remove the Touch, Reduce the Risk With Your Parking.” Parking Network, 31 Mar. 2020, www.parking-net.com/parking-news/advam/remove-the-touch-reduce-the-risk-in-parking.

“RFID Parking Management System.” Litum, litumrfid.com/rfid-parking-management-system. Accessed 18 Feb. 2021.

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Boom Gates – How Do They Work?

Post by: admin - July 22, 2020

With the rise of more commercial spaces and residential complexes, it has become increasingly important to address safety and security. With an increase in demand for secure access to vehicles, building entrances and car parks rely on boom gates.

What is a boom gate?

Known as boom barrier, a boom gate is a bar or pole pivoted to move up and down to block access of a pedestrian or vehicle through a checkpoint. Boom gates are also typically used to control passage on crossroads, lift bridges, and toll booths. On freeways, they are used to support traffic lights system by restricting entry in instances of road closure and road works.  Since these poles are typically used at entry gates, the term “boom gates” is also used.

How do boom gates work?

There are plenty of boom gate suppliers in Australia. Generally speaking, boom gates fall into two types: manual and automatic. Used to be hand-operated, but car parks, industrial and commercial sites, and heavy industrial operations have varied demands, thus the use of automatic gates.

The tip of the boom gate rises in a vertical direction and the boom is easily tipped because of its counterweight mechanism. Some gates also have second bars to increase approach visibility and some also feature pivoting half-way. Manual boom gates, like this boom gate, the simple locking mechanism system is designed to make work easier when raising and lowering the boom pole.

Automatic boom gates are the go-to types for smooth operations and compact control mechanism, reliable to keep up constant movement. As this type of boom gate does not generate heat, automatic boom gates are great options in commercial spaces, like in offices and shopping centres for increased security. The integration of mechanical and hardware components into a software for access control systems make automation more convenient.

To ease workload, automatic boom gates offer gate automation for opening and closing times. You can check this listing for quick automatic boom gate solutions.

With daily lives advancing, every business demands a safe work surrounding and every household a secure living community. Whether automatic or manual, if you need help choosing and installing, you can check different kinds of boom gates here, and directly enquire through our contact us page.

When busy mine operations intersect the local community

Post by: admin - February 5, 2020

Since commencing operations in 2018 this central Queensland coal mine has been gearing up production and mining operations, now moving coal 24 hours a day with as many as three trucks per hour doing a round trip between the mine and the train loadout facility.

Impact of mine traffic on the township

The 75km round trip involves the haul trucks collecting coal at the mine site, travelling along the dirt access road, joining the main highway, passing through the local township, driving on to the rail loading facility then returning empty via the same route to the mine for the next load.

During peak times heavy-duty trucks leave and enter the public highway as often as every 15-20 minutes making the management of site access a high safety and security priority.

Infographic: Haul truck route between mining operations and loadout facility

Secure Coast Solutions customised access control system has it covered

Secure Coast Solutions designed an access control system with two key objectives in mind:

  1. to maximise the safety of the general public, and
  2. to maintain the efficiency of mining operations.

Considerations for protecting the public

  • The bi-directional dirt road that enters the mine site is restricted for use by haul trucks and mine employees.  Preventing unauthorised people driving down the mine access road is a priority. 
  • The mine operators had obtained special permits allowing passage via the highway and through school zones.  As the trucks run 24 hours a day, to minimise the impact on the local community, restrictions on the frequency of operations are in place depending on the time of day.

Considerations for maximising haul road traffic efficiency

  • If the trucks had to stop each time they enter and exit the mine sites this would have a significant impact on haulage efficiency – increasing travel time, fuel usage as well as wear and tear on the vehicles. 
  • For the haul trucks to be able to access mine areas without stopping they had to be able to open the boom gates automatically before approaching the control point and automatically close behind them.
  • Being dirt roads meant safety loop detectors weren’t suitable and if the road became muddy in the rain PE beams couldn’t be used either.
  • In addition to the haul trucks, access was required for maintenance and other mine personnel.
  • The location of the boom gates at the entrance to the loadout facility meant power was unavailable.
  • For safety and vehicle management mine operators wanted to be able to monitor the location of all trucks along the haulage route.  

Efficient Practical Solution in Action

  • Boom Gates were installed to prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering mine access roads.
  • To allow the haul trucks to pass unhindered through the boom gates they were fitted with long-range RFID tags.  When a truck is within 10-15 meters of the boom gate, long-range readers mounted on card reader stands, detect the tags on the bull bar of the haul truck and opens the boom gate.  
  • Radar safety devices hold the boom gate open as the trucks pass when the radar is clear the boom gate automatically lowers a few seconds later.
  • Rotech’s dual height card reader stands allow entry and exit for light and large vehicles not fitted with tags.
  • If a truck doesn’t reach its destination within an hour after leaving the mine site the boom gate control system sends an alarm to the control centre.  The mine control centre monitors the location of each truck and other traffic. Communications are achieved using 4G routers providing internet access over the mobile phone network.
  • Accommodating for varying traffic flows depending on the time of day and for weekends, the Bionik AG automatic boom gate’s multi-function digital controller made set up and programming of the access control system easy.
  • Six 120W solar panels were installed to provide power for the entire system.  Adding 720amp/hours of battery storage means the solar panels can provide enough power for 4-5 days allowing for overcast weather.
  • LED strip lighting on the boom gate arms and illuminated card reader posts provide increased visibility and safety during night works.

Why the Bionik AG Boom Gate was the best choice for the job
“This is a busy, intensive use situation requiring high levels of safety and reliable operation.  The Bionik AG boom gates are low in maintenance, fast to activate and are robust and reliable. 
LED lights illuminate the boom arms and the electronics are inside a well sealed enclosure protecting the components from coal dust.  
All equipment chosen is 100% duty cycle and high temperature rated so it can be used as often as needed. The Bionik AG Automatic Boom Gate featured everything needed to do the job.”
Stuart Bryant – Secure Coast Solutions

For more information about this or other safety and security combinations for your site call Alan Roberts on 07 3250 1123 or email info@rotech.com.au

Bionik AG Boom Gates in Action at Daintree River Crossing

Post by: admin - November 13, 2019

David Attenborough called the Daintree the most extraordinary place on earth.

The Daintree River ferry crossing is the gateway to this ancient rainforest, featuring incredible wildlife and pristine landscapes that encompass two World Heritage Sites.

Tourists, Crocs and Automobiles……….

The ferry provides the only sealed road access to this area for both locals and visitors. Due to increasing visitor numbers, this point of access to the area has become a bottleneck in the peak tourist season. During this time there is often a long queue of cars waiting to cross the river.

A Unique Location Presents Unique Challenges

Daintree River Crossing statistics

After the major flooding earlier this year Douglas Shire Council crews have been working to improve the facilities and amenities heading into tourism season. Much of the focus has been to reduce congestion at the ferry crossing.

3 important objectives for the Council were to:

  • improve the efficiency of the ferry services, reducing queuing and wait times
  • improve the tourist experience while keeping people safe from crocodiles and traffic incidents during loading and unloading vehicles
  • minimise disaster recovery time after annual floods.

white text

Rotech’s Boom Gate Solution

The Douglas Shire Council have recently installed Rotech’s Bionik AG Automatic Boom Gates.

Designed for high-volume traffic control situations, these boom gates are ideal for locations without mains power and offers many advanced features providing smooth operation, instant reversing, superior safety sensing, tough 100% duty cycle and low power consumption.

white text

1. Facilitate more efficient traffic flow

Faster loading and unloading of vehicles and pedestrians is now safely managed by the ferry master without leaving his cabin.

  • Access to the ferry is controlled using four Bionik AG Automatic Boom Gates. Two gates are each positioned either side of the river.
  • The dual boom gates spanning the wide ferry boarding entrance remain in the closed position preventing vehicles and people entering the landing area.
  • After lowering the vehicle ramp the ferry master then opens the boom gates via a long-range radio transmitter. This provides faster and greater control over the movement of vehicles on and off the ferry.
  • Battery back-up allows the boom gate to continue to function for up to 300 operations ensuring vehicles can exit in the event of power failure.
  • Mechanically tough and durable construction prevents damage from vandalism. Machined steel gears, high-quality bearings, strong gearbox add a higher level of security and safety – the self-locking mechanism means the pole cannot be forced open.

white text

2. Creating a safer environment for pedestrians

With safety high on the Council’s agenda the Bionik AG Automatic Boom has all bases covered:

  • Highly visible Red LED flashing warning lights on top of the cabinet and along the length of the boom pole indicate the gates are about to close. 30 seconds after the warning lights are activated the boom gates come down.
  • The LED lights also make the boom gate highly visible at night clearly indicating where to stop, even on the darkest nights.
  • Gates are fitted with a fence below each boom pole as a safety precaution to restrict pedestrians from ducking underneath and walking down to the river’s edge or entering the landing and vehicle loading area.
  • A safety loop detector prevents the vehicle access gates from closing if there is any obstruction across the roadway.
  • Superior in-built safety sensing features and motor design enables instant reversing of the boom pole if any safety devices are activated or if the pole is obstructed.

white text

3. Providing flexibility in dealing with environmental conditions

The whole boom gate system is relocatable during flood season.

  • All the automatic boom gate equipment is mounted on specially designed portable frames, bolted together on-site, allowing the gates to be relocated when the river is in flood.
  • Relocatable solar panels power the boom gates. Able to provide 200 plus operations per day and 5 days standby with no sun, the solar panels bolted to a removable 4-metre post.
  • The boom gate’s waterproof rugged construction features a 3mm thick cabinet reinforced with 6mm steel bracing making it ideal for this harsh environment.

white text

Rotech are leaders in automated access control. Our boom gates are tough, reliable, cost-effective and easily configured for different locations. For more information about this or other safety and security combinations for your site call Alan Roberts at ROTECH on 07 3250 1123 or email info@rotech.com.au

Mansfield State High School – Not Your Average Construction Site

Post by: admin - August 22, 2019

With 2800 students currently enrolled and expectations for this to soar to 3,000 in 2020, Mansfield State High School has embarked on a significant expansion of its facilities to accommodate current and anticipated future growth.

Student safety during construction

Health & Safety is always a top priority during any construction project but never is this more important than during a build in an active school environment.

The new multipurpose hall being built on the school grounds presented a significant  safety challenge for the developers:

  • 2,800 students needing access to the sports field
  • many loads of materials and heavy machinery requiring access around the edge of the sports field to get to the construction site.

As a new build, the groundwork was a key aspect of the project and requires a lot of heavy machinery. Additionally, construction deliveries, are a frequent and unavoidable part of any construction project.  Eliminating risk isn’t easy.

Rotech was tasked by specialist access control company Que Access to provide a temporary safe crossing for students and teachers while facilitating Contractor access/exit requirements from the street to the construction site.

Boom gates pair up to manage traffic flow

An intelligent automatic boom gate system was installed by Que Access to manage vehicle and pedestrian access where they intersect.

Pedestrian Access

Pedestrian access was controlled by two Bionik AG Automatic Boom Gates fitted with a fence on each pole to prevent students from ducking underneath. Under normal circumstances, the pedestrian access boom poles remain open allowing students/teachers to move freely in and out of the sports field.

Vehicle Access

Vehicle access is also controlled by two Bionik AG Automatic Boom Gates which remain in the closed position until activation. Construction traffic travels along a temporary fenced roadway, on reaching the pedestrian access gates the driver pushes a button to gain entry through the intersection.

Automated Access Procedure

When construction vehicles reach the pedestrian access gates the driver pushes a button which initiates the following automated procedure:

  • Red LED lights flash on the pedestrian boom pole and a siren sounds a warning to pedestrians that the gates are about to close
  • 15 seconds later, if all students/teachers have cleared the intersection, the pedestrian access boom gates close
  • Safety PE beams prevent the vehicle access gates from opening and closing if there is any obstruction such as a person in the intersection.
  • Once pedestrian gates are fully closed the vehicle access boom gates automatically open allowing traffic to move through the intersection.
  • When pedestrians are clear of the pathway an electrical interlock sends a signal to the controller to close the vehicle access gate.
  • Once the intersection is empty and the vehicle access gate is fully closed the pedestrian access gate re-opens. 
  • The LED lights turn green indicating the intersection is safe for students/teachers to pass through.

The automatic boom gates were mounted on 20 mm thick steel base to keep them stable while allowing for relocation when required.

If you have a difficult access control situation where safety is a priority, we have the products and expertise to develop tailored solution, whether permanent or temporary.   Call Alan Roberts on 07 3250 1123 or email info@rotech.com.au

Control Vehicle Access to your Waste Facility

Post by: admin - June 11, 2019

Rotech are leaders in automated access control

Our boom gates are tough, reliable, cost-effective and easily configured for different locations

Customisable for all types of weighbridges

Can be controlled using push buttons, transmitters, tokens and access tags

Relocatable for temporary entry areas around the facility if required

Optional solar power available for areas without access to mains power

Automatic emergency opening of the boom gate triggered by fire alarm 

Reliable, efficient and cost-effective

High operational efficiency: 100% duty cycle, the revolutionary brushless motor is more efficient – allows up to 4000-5000 operations per day with economically ultra-low power consumption.

Lower maintenance costs: the brushless motor saves time and money in maintenance. The mechanical quality of the Bionik boom gates is exceptional.

Quality is unsurpassed: European manufactured using only the highest quality materials and components available has produced a product that is strong, robust and designed to last.

Site safety a priority

Rotech Bionik automatic boom gates include many safety features as standard:

Manual opening: easily opened using the release key which disengages the drive system without having to open the cabinet. No danger to personnel from contact with electrical equipment or drive mechanism. 

Increased control of safety sensing: means all aspects of safety can be accurately managed. The motor design enables instant reversing of the boom pole if any safety devices are activated or if the pole is obstructed.

Battery back-up: the boom gate will continue to function for up to 300 operations in the event of power failure allowing vehicles to still exit.

Essential safety features: strategically placed warning lights on the top of the cabinet are standard. Boom pole lights, loop detectors and safety beams options are also available ensuring vehicles and pedestrians alike are protected.

Security features

Prevent tailgaters creeping through behind other vehicles: intelligent control panel software prevents a second vehicle tailgating by instantly lowering the pole to half-way. The gate will not open until the second vehicle has been allowed access or presented an access card.

Mechanically tough and durable construction prevents damage from vandalism: featuring machined steel gears, high quality bearings, strong gearbox and a self-locking mechanism means the pole cannot be forced open.

For a Wide Entrance

Bionik AG 3 to 8 Metre Boom Gate for Harsh Industrial Conditions

  • Rugged construction
  • 3 mm thick cabinet reinforced with 6 mm steel bracing
  • Heavy duty springs
  • Strengthened pole support operates in 90 Km/h winds
  • Up to 5,000 operations per day
  • Brushless DC motor with multifunction digital controller for precise control

Short on Space

Bionik BK Compact Boom Gate designed for Commercial and Industrial Sites with limited space

  • Cost effective solution for sites with tight spaces
  • Compact design
  • Tough 100% duty cycle
  • Up to 5000 operations per day
  • Fast opening speed
  • Instant reversing
  • Superior safety sensing.

More information about our other boom gate products.

Want to know more about how Rotech products can help you manage vehicle access to your waste facility? 
Call Alan Roberts on (07) 3205 1123 or email info@rotech.com.au.