Retail and Supermarket Entry Gates

Rotech’s range of automatic and manual supermarket entry gates, with guide rail options, effectively manages high volume shopper traffic and reduces theft through entry and exit points.

Ecoport Automatic Supermarket Entry Gate
Stylish and functional—German designed and engineered   High-quality engineering takes care of all safety and security issues.  Individual and double-gate versions can be supplied with r...
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Ecoport Single Manual Supermarket Entry Gate
Manual Supermarket Entry Gates
Stylish and functional—German designed and engineered   Our Manual Supermarket Entry Gates offer an effective but low-cost option for directing and controlling customer flow through the p...
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Retail and Supermarket Entry Gates

Need to streamline access and exit points, while adding additional security? Rotech’s retail and supermarket entry gates offer an economical, reliable solution.

Our retail security gates are not only used by supermarkets but are also frequently installed in pharmacies, convenience stores, liquor stores, gyms, factories offices, discount stores, and sporting venues to efficiently direct and control the flow of pedestrian traffic through the store, or venue, safely and securely.  Automatic supermarket gates are often used as an alternative to turnstile gates to provide convenient wheelchair access. When connected to an access control system wheelchair users can open the supermarket gate by simply presenting their access card.

Controlled by photocells, radar or manually operated, our supermarket swing gates can quickly and easily be installed in any retail or commercial setting.  Constructed of chrome-plated steel, our supermarket gates are resilient to trolley damage while being aesthetically appealing.  Matching barrier rails and posts are also available and are configurable to suit a wide range of applications.

Rotech’s retail and supermarket entry gates provide consistent operating reliability and safety at an affordable price.  For more information or advice on our supermarket gates, get in contact with us today.

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