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Product Warranty


Based on many years of experience we have found 98% of all initial warranty claims are the result of incorrect mechanical installation, incorrect wiring, misunderstanding of installation instructions, fitting of faulty or incorrectly specified accessories.


Warranty Issues

Most technical issues can be resolved by our technical team over the phone or by email. However, if this is not possible:

  1. You can return the operator and we will test at no cost. If factory fault we will fix the problem and return it.

  2. We can send out a replacement part, payment by credit card required. When it is returned complete with all covers, brackets terminals, etc. we will refund the amount to the credit card if it is found to be a factory fault and is within the guarantee period.

  3. We can send an installer to check the equipment and if the equipment is faulty we will replace free of charge but all costs for labor and travel time are for the customer to pay. 

  4. If we cannot resolve the problem and it is within the guarantee period you can return the operator for a credit and we will refund the full cost of the operator if all parts are returned with equipment and there is no external damage.


Guarantee Periods

The guarantee period for various products is detailed below and commences on the date the relevant Products were despatched or supplied to the Customer.


TriStar F21 Full Height Turnstile60 months on the mechanism and controls
12 months on the frame
Sentinel SE4 Boom Gate36 months on the motor and controls
12 months on the cabinet
All Centsys products (includes D5 SMART, D5 EVO, D10, D10 Turbo, Sector,
Vantage, Vert x, I5, Photon PE beams, Smart guard keypads, Nova remotes)
24 months
12 months for batteries
All other items listed on the website12 month warranty from date of supply


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