Automatic Sliding Gate Openers

Whether you are looking for a high duty cycle, industrial sliding gate operator, a fast operating commercial or domestic sliding gate opener, we have an automatic sliding gate opener to suit.

D10 & D20 SMART Sliding Gate Operators
D10 & D20 SMART Sliding Gate Opener for 1000kg & 2000kg Gates | Industrial Heavy Duty
24 VDC High-Speed- Heavy Duty -  Industrial operators designed for gates up to 1000 and 2000 kg   The D10 & D20 SMART sliding gate operator’s innovative design offers speed, performa...
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Beninca B12 Turbso Sliding Gate Opener
Sentinel B12 Turbo for Sliding Gates up to 1200kg | Industrial Heavy Duty
High Speed Industrial 24vdc — for gates up to 1200 kg - Intensive use - High Quality European Manufactured   The Sentinel B12 Turbo sliding gate operator is designed to handle a wide rang...
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D5 SMART Sliding Gate Operator
D5 SMART Intelligent Sliding Gate Operator for 500kg Gates | High Speed Commercial
Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications requiring high security and a fast opening speed.  Suitable for gates up to 500kg   The D5 SMART sliding gate operator’s inn...
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D5 EVO sliding gate opener
D5 EVO Sliding Gate Opener for Gates up to 500kg | High Speed Commercial
D5 EVO sliding gate opener designed for industrial and commercial applications - fast operating speed - easy-to-program LCD control panel - low voltage version available   The D5 EVO is the...
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Automatic Sliding Gate Openers

Fast opening speeds and high safety are fundamental features of all our automatic sliding gate openers.

Heavy-Duty Sliding Gate Operators for Industrial Sites: Robust construction and high torque motors provide a fast and powerful automation system.  These intensive-use automatic gate openers are designed for industrial and commercial applications and are ideal for sites that require fast opening, heavy-duty gates.

High-Speed Sliding Gate Operators for Commercial Applications:  for situations that require a fast-operating speed while delivering the perfect balance between security and safety. Reduces the time waiting at the gate and ensures safe and secure access in and out of any style of premises.

Smart Wireless Sliding Gate Operator: incorporating the newest technologies, these high-tech, high-speed sliding gate operators provide the convenience of easy effortless control of your automatic sliding gate using a smartphone app. The mechanical design boasts advanced safety features and cutting-edge obstruction detection technology, ensuring your gate is secure and completely safe.

Solar Sliding Gate Openers: operation from solar panels is an option available for many of our automatic sliding gate operators. Solar gate openers are more efficient and affordable than ever, and they are the ideal choice for many Australian businesses and rural property owners.

We have a wide selection of sliding gate hardware and accessories to choose from, including transmitters, receivers, and PE beams.

Safety & Security Equipment

Automatic Door Sensors

Our automatic door activation sensors are suitable for commercial businesses, offices and industrial environments and are widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities clean rooms, food processi...
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Access Control Equipment

Our extensive access control equipment range includes: Push buttons and key switches for activating garage doors or automatic gate access control system: our range of high-quality industrial push but...
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Safety Equipment Solutions

Competitively priced, all our door and gate safety equipment solutions comply with international standards. For reliable accurate detection select from our extensive range of loop detectors and logics...
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