Access Control Equipment

Our range of high quality industrial Access Control Equipment has been selected to work efficiently with our extensive range of automatic gates and many others. Industrial remote controls (incl. Long Range), push buttons and key switches for gates and barriers, RFID card readers, keypads ntercom and smart phone GSM/SMS access control solutions

Push Buttons and Key Switches
SafePass Push Buttons & Key Switches
High quality industrial push button stations and key switches are available in numerous configurations.  Standard industrial enclosure options include ABS IP67 in plastic or metal.  For high securit...
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Nova, Sentry and Helix Remote Radio Controls
NOVA Remote Radio Controls offer the same level of security as currently provided by leading brand car manufacturers for immobilising vehicle alarms and activating door locks.   SENTRY Remo...
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RP500 Proximity Card Reader
RFID Access Control System
RP500 Proximity Card Reader - The RP500 sets the electronic security benchmark for 125 kHz proximity readers, cards and tags.   RPSC1 Clamshell Card -  A clamshell design proximity card i...
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SmartGuard Stand Alone Keypad
SmartGuard Stand Alone Keypad
For high security, keyless entry Smartguard and the wireless version SmartguardAir delivers affordable functionality and reliability for your building. The hard wired Smartguard can be used on any ...
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M2000BT-Wireless-Access-Controller for Boom Gates, Gates and Turnstiles
M2000-BT Access Controller
Suitable up to 2000 users - can control 2 doors/gates - easily programmed via Smartphone App -12-24v ac/dc   Ideal for car parks, industrial and commercial premises, the M2000-BT controller...
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SD Car and Truck Height Reader Stands
Strong single and dual-height reader stands with multiple mounting options   SD Card Reader Stands accommodate a range of access control accessories including proximity readers, intercoms, ...
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LX Long Range Waterproof Wireless Transmitters and Receivers
LX Long Range Remote Radio Controls
500m line of sight receivers with 1-6  button transmitters - wireless industrial wall mountable transmitters for indoor or outdoor applications   Switching applications are endless. The L...
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GSPEAK ULTRA Intercom System
G-SPEAK ULTRA 4GSM Intercom System
Answer your intercom, and open your gate or garage, from anywhere for maximum convenience and security.   The G-SPEAK ULTRA is a wireless, mobile-based intercom system consisting of a combi...
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G-Ultra 4G GSM mobile phone switching device
G-ULTRA 4GSM Switching Device
The G-ULTRA gives you complete control at your fingertips from anywhere.  Use your phone to switch devices on and off and receive SMS alerts.   Control and manage when and who can access r...
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WiZo-Link-Wireless-Transceiver image
WiZo-Link Wireless Transceiver
Equipment automation made simple and wireless   WiZo-Link uses radio technology to create a fully-connected home or business by forming a wireless mesh network that can be effortlessly scal...
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Access Control Equipment

Our extensive access control equipment range includes:

Push buttons and key switches for activating garage doors or automatic gate access control system: our range of high-quality industrial push button stations and key switches are available in numerous configurations to suit most security gate access control situations.  All modules are manufactured in Italy or Germany and comply with international standards.

RFID Access Control System: compact design ideal for mounting on doors, entrance gates and boom gates.  The reader delivers high-performance, non-contact read ranges up to 200 mm.  Suitable for use with clamshell proximity cards, keyring tags and silicone wristbands, our RFID security gate access control system offers flexibility, convenience, and reliability.

Hi-tech Access Controller: Suitable for up to 2000 users the M2000-BT is ideal for car parks, industrial and commercial premises.  Can be used for a variety of security gate access control systems and is easily programmed via the intuitive Smartphone App.

Stand-alone keypad access control system: For high security, keyless entry gate access control a stand-alone keypad access control system delivers affordable functionality and reliability for your building or premises.  Suitable for use with any door, sliding or swing gate operators the Smartguard keypad access control system features a backup memory chip to record all the programmed access codes which enables you to use it to program other keypads on the same site.

Remote radio controls for industrial applications: Our remote controls for gates offer a high level of security. Industrial radio remote controls are a convenient method of controlling automatic gates and doors. Our radio remote controls can also be used to activate other equipment or control any number of electrical devices.

Long-range radio remote controls: our long-range remote control systems suit locations that experience transmission problems. Frequently used by farmers, plant operators, quarries, and mines, long-range radio remote controls are used to control gates, garage, and industrial door entry systems or switch other equipment on/off.

4GSM Gate Openers: ideal for both domestic and commercial use and suitable for small to medium-sized buildings, GSM gate openers allow you to control your automated gate via SMS, giving complete control of your gates at your fingertips from anywhere.

Wireless Transceivers: this type of industrial radio control system produces a standalone network of devices that inter-communicate, enabling an always-connected, secure wireless environment that can remotely monitor and control virtually anything.

Not sure which type of access control equipment is best for your situation – simply contact us for advice.