TriStar F21 Full Height Australian Made Security Turnstile

The TriStar F21 Full Height Turnstile is a bi-directional turnstile with galvanised frame and rotor, stainless steel is an option.  With a soft start and stop feature, even a small child can operate it.


An optional wide access gate, designed as a seamless extension to the turnstile frame, is available where access for larger items such as wheelchairs, bulky deliveries and equipment is required.


The TriStar’s unique relay and battery back-up system handle power outages by automatically switching to the battery back-up and activates a warning siren.  A standard feature of the F21 the battery back-up allows the turnstile to operate for up to 3000 cycles without mains power.


The TriStar F21 turnstile’s high capacity drive mechanism has a 5 year conditional guarantee.

The first Australian-made product of its type, the TriStar F21 Full Height Turnstile was created to provide customers with a safe and secure method of access control and incorporates multiple optional features.

The TriStar F21 is compatible with all access control systems and special features can be incorporated into our standard design. Solar panel operation and a portable version are available making the TriStar F21 full height turnstile suitable for remote areas, building sites or positions were it is difficult to get power to.

With an increased requirement for security monitoring the new status indication system allows the customer to see when the turnstile is closed and if the entry (or exit) is freewheeling.  The emergency key release is also monitored.

On power failure the built-in relay automatically initiates the battery back up system and sets off a loud warning siren.  This means in situations where the power is down the turnstile can continue to function normally for up to 3000 cycles without mains power.

When turnstiles are integrated with alcohol breathalyzers, they can be used to prevent personnel who have been drinking from gaining entry.  This type of system is used extensively in mines, quarries and factories, or any environment with dangerous equipment.

The TriStar F21 Full Height Turnstile includes the following features:

  • The mechanical drive system has a 5 year conditional guarantee
  • Solar power for remote sites or where there is no mains power
  • Card reader mounting brackets suitable for reader and intercom
  • Turnstile roof prevents people from climbing over the turnstile
  • Status indication for security monitoring
  • Portable base with forklift pockets for easy transportation
  • Battery backup keeps operating for 3000 operations


For more information download our product datasheet

Specification TriStar Full Height Turnstiles
Throughput 15 people per minute
Duty Cycle 100%
Current 1 Amp @ 240 VAC
Mechanism Mechanical pawl and rollers non-reversible after 33°
Solenoid 12V DC
Power failure options

When battery back up is not connected

  • Locked entry – free exit
  • Locked exit – free entry
  • Locked in both directions
  • Freewheel in both directions
When batter backup is connected
  • Operates as normal for 3000 operations


For more information download our product datasheet


Download our information about installation and operating instructions