What to Know When Choosing a Sliding Gate Operator

Post by: admin - February 12, 2023
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Does your home or office need extra protection and easier access?  Then the answer is simple: install an effective automatic security gate system.

Adding an automatic sliding gate motor onto your new or existing sliding gate will promote a safer, convenient and more secure home or work environment. Automatic slide gate operators, similarly to automatic boom gates and turnstiles, actively improve your privacy and protect your business from unwanted intrusion. These types of access control systems will also increase the value of your property, especially as security becomes a more relevant issue in our world today.

But before installing the sliding gate operator, you need to consider which motor is right for your specific property. To help decide which sliding gate operator installation is the best option for your property, you’ll need to answer these four crucial questions.

What situation is your sliding gate for?

It is important to know the application of your sliding gate before purchasing a sliding gate operator because it will determine the type of operator that is suitable for your gate (i.e. a commercial slide gate operator or a residential slide gate operator).

Different settings such as residential, commercial or industrial can affect the level of usage and frequency of operation that the gate will receive, therefore affecting the choice of operator. Failing to match the correct operator to your sliding gate can result in operational issues, reduced performance, or even damage to the gate and operator. 

What size and weight is your gate?

The type of sliding gate operator you choose is dependent on the size and weight of your existing gate. The heavier or longer your gate is will dictate the size of the motor you choose. Sliding gate operators are available from domestic light duty for residential properties to industrial extreme heavy duty for factories and site entrances.

What pulling force do you need?

Knowing the required pulling force is important when purchasing a sliding gate operator because it ensures that the operator will be able to handle the weight of the gate and overcome any obstacles, such as wind resistance or uneven terrain.

The pulling force, also known as the operating force, is the amount of power that the operator needs to apply to the gate in order to move it smoothly and efficiently. If the operator does not have enough pulling force, the gate may become stuck or struggle to open, leading to increased wear and tear on the operator, as well as potential safety hazards. On the other hand, if the operator has too much pulling force, it can cause excessive stress on the gate and result in damage or early failure. Because of this, accurately determining the required pulling force before making a purchase is crucial for ensuring a safe and efficient operation of your sliding gate.

Is solar right for you?

Sliding gate operators come with solar options. This is especially good if you are on a rural property or have limited access to a power source. You will need to consider the position of the gate in regards to light as large trees or structures may inhibit the effectiveness of the solar output. Solar technology has come a very long way and is more reliable than ever; however, choose an operator that has “battery back-up” so that on the days of limited light you can draw on the saved backed up energy stored in the battery.

Learn more about the pros and cons of solar powered gates here.

How fast do you want your gate to open?

Knowing how fast you want your gate to open will help you decide which sliding security gate system is right for your property. If the gate is in a vulnerable area, a fast entry and exit is important, so as not to leave yourself, your property or your vehicle unprotected in the interim of opening and closing. You may require quick entry to your property if your driveway is on a busy road, so as not to hold up the traffic or trigger tail gate accidents. Choose a gate operator that allows speed to be independently adjusted. That way you have complete control, allowing yourself a quick entry followed by a safer and slower closing speed. For this reason, slide gate operators are available in standard and safe turbo speeds.

How do you want to control the gate access to your property?

Depending on the level of security and ease of access that you want, you can choose from a variety of access control methods to open and close your gate. These include: remote control access, keypad access, photoelectric beam (PE) through beams or even access using your mobile phone! A large range of access control equipment from transmitters to PE beams, keypads and GSM mobile phone devices are available here at Rotech.

Whether you want to increase your security and safety, or you simply want to have the convenience of fast and easy entry and exit, installing a slide gate operator offers both benefits.

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