ELKA Koloss 12M Heavy Duty Industrial Boom Gate

Industrial – Heavy duty – 100% Duty cycle – High quality – German manufactured – Fast opening – Sophisticated control panel – Electronic collision monitoring


Suited to any location where access control, through a wide entrance, is necessary using a single barrier.


Quicker than a sliding gate, the ELKA Koloss Industrial Boom Gate can span openings of up to 12 metres with a fast 12-second opening time allowing quicker vehicle throughput and greater security.


The ELKA Koloss is a high-quality, heavy-duty, feature-rich product designed for long life in any industrial environment and provides the ideal solution for businesses with extra-wide or multi-lane entrances such as freight forwarders, company grounds, rail and port facilities.

With a 100% duty cycle, high-quality German manufacture and over 50000 installations worldwide you are assured of a product that will have a long lifespan even in the most arduous conditions.

The boom arm is fitted with 200 mm diameter flashing lights which are visible from long distances even in daylight which help prevent accidental collision with the boom pole.

Featuring a sophisticated, easily programmable, control panel the ELKA Koloss can be set to suit any operating parameters. Safety features include electronic collision monitoring of the boom pole, 3 safety loop detectors for vehicle detection under the boom pole and up to 6 photo electric safety beams for pedestrian safety.

Monitoring of vehicle access and security is accomplished using directional vehicle counting, traffic lights and boom pole missing alarm.

The industrial-grade boom gate cabinet is made with a heavy-duty steel electroplated inner frame with bolt-on aluminium covers that ensure a long lifespan.

The ELKA Koloss has excellent safety features:

  • Electronic safety edge fitted to the boom pole reverses the boom pole if obstructed
  • Ground loop detectors and PE safety beams can sense when a vehicle or pedestrian is underneath the boom pole and prevent closing
  • Flashing safety lights or sirens can be activated when the boom gate controller receives a signal to close and after a variable time delay the boom pole will close
  • Suitable for left-hand or right-hand mounting
  • 10 year warranty on cabinet
  • 6 programmable relays can easily be integrated into access control systems


For more information download our product datasheet

Specifications ELKA Koloss
Opening Speed 12 Seconds
Inputs Open/stop/close
Hold Open/close
Loop Detectors 3 x Inbuilt Loop Detectors
Programmable Relays 4 x 24V, 1A and 2 x 240V, 0.5A
Mains Supply 230V, max 10A
Low Voltage Power Supply 24Vdc 12Vdc and  24Vdc, 500Ma
Auto Close Up to 10 mins


For more information download our product datasheet

Download our information about installation and operating instructions