SMARTY7 Heavy Duty Linear Swing Gate Opener | Gates to 7M

Brushless 36V DC Electromechanical Operator -Super Intensive Use – Irreversible – Low Voltage – For swing gates with a gate leaf up to 7 metres 


The SMARTY7 motor is the ideal substitute for hydraulic motors on large gates, bringing the next generation of on-board safety features, ease of installation and set-up.


The Brushless SMARTY7 industrial motor is one the largest electromechanical operators available in the market.  Boasting features such as low voltage, super intensive use, an onboard native encoder, irreversible swing and mechanical stopper on opening and closing.

It’s high performance and low power consumption makes the SMARTY7 swing gate openers safe and cost-efficient to run. Able to work on solar power without any modification the SMARTY7 is good for situations where mains power may not readily available.

The SMARTY7 Swing Gate Operator includes the following features

  • Brushless digital motor
    Digital brushless motor based on a permanent magnetic field that uses neodymium iron-boron magnets inside the rotor. With innovative high-density coil windings powered by a sinusoid three-phase power system, SMARTY series motors operate at low voltage (36V DC).  The motor is extremely compact and operates at normal ambient temperature, making it suitable for extremely intense use and extraordinarily energy efficient.
  • Elegant reinforced aluminium casing
    The casing enclosing the gear motor is entirely made from aluminium, while all parts of the casing subject to mechanical wear and friction are generously reinforced. The worm screw cover casing, made completely from anodised aluminium, is fastened to the motor casing with through screws passing through the entire width of the casing itself.
  • Adjustable aluminium travel limits
    The SMARTY swing gate motor is factory-fitted with two titanium-reinforced aluminium travel limits in the gate open and gate closed positions. These travel limits are adjustable in both directions of movement of the motor. The travel limits can be adjusted easily, even with the motor already installed, by simply removing the aluminium cover.
  • Sturdy fastener brackets
    The new SMARTY brushless digital motor is equipped with weld-on brackets designed and sized specifically for installation on particularly large and heavy condominium or industrial gates.The brackets are manufactured in galvanised carbon steel. The rear bracket is available as long or short versions.
  • Mechanical absolute positioner
    The MAE (mechanical absolute encoder) is a digital mechanical encoder that measures and determines the positions of the gate leaves with absolute precision, during both opening and closing operation.This system communicates the absolute mechanical position of the gate leaves to the digital controller directly via a three-phase connection to the motor, making it unnecessary to repeat the self-acquisition procedures after prolonged power outages or manual release.


For more information download our product datasheet

Technical Specifications SMARTY 7
Power supply: 230V AC – 50Hz
Motor power supply:  36V
Power rating: 200W
Frequency of use:    Intensive use
Thrust:    600 – 7000N
Operating temperature:    -20 C° +55 C°
Protection level: IP44
Reductor Type:  Irreversible
Manoeuvre speed: 1,6 cm/s
Opening time: 35-50 s
Stroke:  520 mm
Limit switch:   Mechanical stopper in opening and closing
Recommended digital controllers: 230V: EDGE1/BOX – 115V: EDGE1/BOX/115
Encoder: Digital native encoder SENSORLESS 48 PPR
Operating cycles per day: 1000 (opening/closing – 24 hours no stop)
Maximum dimensions: 1312 mm (L) x 116 mm (W) x 165 (H) mm
Product weight packed (Kg):
  • 17.1


For more information download our product datasheet

Download our information about installation and operating instructions