Automatic and Manual Security Boom Gates

Need fast, secure vehicle access control - choose from our range of high duty cycle boom gates with optional solar power. Our sliding and swing gate openers are suitable for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications - Servicing Australia Wide


Automatic and Manual Security Boom Gates

Choose from our extensive range of high-quality automatic and manual security boom gates:

Easy to use manual boom gate: Strong and durable, innovative spring balance system and simple locking mechanism make the manual boom gate ideal for use in locations where electrical power is not available or in low-use situations such as car yards, temporary installations on building sites and mine roads.

Innovative low-cost automatic boom gate: developments in motor technology means we can now offer a lower-cost boom gate without sacrificing performance or quality. Smart design reduces the number of mechanical components required while still providing the same functionality suitable for most applications and comes with a 3-year warranty. 

Compact automatic boom gate for commercial carparks and general industry: the ideal solution for sites with tight spaces, this automatic boom gate’s modern compact design allows it to be installed where regular boom gates won’t fit such as in buildings with narrow curbing or low ceilings.

3 to 8-metre commercial or industrial intensive use boom gates: our wide variety of products in this range ensures we have a boom gate suited to most operating applications. Features include; 100% duty cycle, precise speed control, electronic safety sensing, easily programmed multi-function digital controllers, and ultra-responsive performance.  High-quality European manufactured to international safety standards.

Solar-powered automatic boom gates: High speed, engineered to deliver reliable, fast boom gate access control in high volume situations, these boom gates provide an excellent solution for situations where it is difficult to get mains power or there is none available.

Heavy-duty industrial boom gates: our 10 and 12-metre boom gates are suited to any location where boom gate access control through a wide entrance is necessary using a single barrier.  Our products are high quality, heavy duty, feature rich and designed for long life in any industrial environment.

Bionik AG Automatic Boom Gate
Bionik AG 3-8 Metre Boom Gates for Harsh Industrial Conditions
Rugged construction - 3mm thick cabinet reinforced with 6mm steel bracing – Heavy-duty springs - Strengthened pole support operates in 90 Km/h winds – Up to 5,000 operations per day - Brushless DC...
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Bionik BK Automatic Boom Gate
Bionik BK Compact Boom Gate for Commercial Car Parks and General Industry
Compact design - Cost effective solution for sites with tight spaces - Tough 100% duty cycle – Up to 5000 operations per day - Fast opening speed - Instant reversing – Superior safety sensing &...
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Sentinel EVA 3-8 Metre Intensive Use Boom Gates
3-8 Metre Intensive Use Boom Gates - 100% Duty Cycle – High quality - European manufactured   The Sentinel EVA 24V intensive use automatic boom gates offer precise speed control, easily p...
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Sentinel LD4 Metre Automatic Boom Gate image
Sentinel LD5 3-5 Metre Automatic Boom Gate
24v Intensive Use Boom Gate - 100% Duty Cycle – Suitable for Entrances up to 5 Metres - High quality - European manufactured   The Sentinel LD5 24 VDC intensive use automatic boom gate is...
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Sentinel MB2 Easy to Use Manual Boom Gate
Easy to use - Innovative spring balance system – Strong and durable – Secure – Simple locking Mechanism - Inexpensive   The Sentinel MB2 Manual Boom Gates are a cost-effective solutio...
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Sector SW2 12vdc Automatic Boom Gate- Battery Back Up - Solar Power Option
Sector SW2 12vdc Stainless Steel Automatic Boom Gate
High speed – Rated for up to 3,000 operations a day - Battery driven – Solar option -– Electronic safety sensing – Stainless steel cabinet   Engineered to deliver reliable, fast acc...
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Access XL10 metre boom gate for wide entrances
Access XL 10 Metre Industrial Boom Gate
10 Metre Boom Gate - 100% Duty Cycle - Access barrier for wide lanes   For entrances to freight forwarders, company and port facilities, as well as on multi-lane roads the Access XL barrier...
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Sentinel KL 12 Metre Heavy Duty Industrial Boom Gate
Sentinel ELKA KL 12M Heavy Duty Industrial Boom Gate
Industrial - Heavy duty - 100% Duty cycle – High quality – German manufactured – Fast opening – Sophisticated control panel – Electronic collision monitoring   Suited to any loca...
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