D5 SMART Intelligent Sliding Gate Operator for 500kg Gates | High Speed Commercial

Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications requiring high security and a fast opening speed.  Suitable for gates up to 500kg


The D5 SMART sliding gate operator’s innovative design offers speed, performance, convenience and control at your fingertips. The D5 SMART Sliding Gate Operator is manufactured to the highest standards by a leading European gate automation and access control company.  With over 35 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of innovative gate operators installed around the world, you can be confident the D5 SMART will provide many years of efficient, reliable operation.

Fast, smart and tough

The new D5 SMART is the fastest operator in its class, at 36 metres per minute (600mm/sec) it will open a 6-metre gate in 10 seconds.  The robust mechanical design features include:

  • Battery backup as standard — provides peace of mind during storms or other power failure situations
  • Independently adjustable opening and closing speeds – help to reduce accidents and damage to the gate
  • Individually configurable inputs and outputs
  • A convenient and intuitive single-action manual release
  • Solar Power (Optional): for situations where mains power isn’t readily available the D5 SMART operator will work on solar power without any modification.

Advanced diagnostics allows for faster installation

The diagnostics measure and monitor many aspects of the operator’s performance, including battery condition and status of connected external accessories. The diagnostic function reduces installation time and makes it easy to identify faults.

Operation and intelligent logging and reporting

The D5 SMART can provide users with feedback about the gate operator’s overall functioning.  Previously unavailable, users now have useful information about the operation of their sliding gate sent directly to their mobile phone.   Phone alerts keep users updated on events such as:

  • the last remote control button pressed
  • the condition of the battery, low voltage
  • the gate status and the speed at which the gate is running
  • the status of external accessories connected such as PE beams and loop detectors;
  • if the motor is being tampered with.


For more information download our product datasheet.


Effortless operator set-up and gate management using your smartphone


MyCentsys Pro App (for installers)

The MyCentsys Pro app makes setting up and configuring the operator’s many features quick and easy.   Set the gate limits, speed, automatic closing and unique profiles for users, with just a few taps.

Once connected to the gate operator, the intuitive interface is incredibly simple to use, with a user-friendly graphic front-end and built-in tutorials giving quick and easy access to a host of features.

  • Step by step gate limit and configuration wizard
  • Detailed diagnostics and real-time display of system health (for example battery voltage and mains on/off)
  • Backup and Restore NOVA transmitters using MyCentsys Cloud— manage up to 1500 NOVA transmitters from your phone (custom name, add, edit, delete, disable)
  • Quick access to technical support
  • Access to device event logs (for example last remote pressed, collisions detected)
  • Seamless integration with  SMARTGUARDair wireless access control keypad
  • Multiple custom gate triggers (mode of operation, speed and autoclose)
  • Adjustable safety parameters such as gate sensitivity to obstructions
  • Easily back up and restore settings


Download the MyCentsys Pro App to get simple mobile access to set up and configure the D10 & D20 SMART sliding gate operator.

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MyCentsys Remote App (for users)

Take control of your gate and/or garage access with MyCentsys Remote

MyCentsys Remote is feature-rich interface for all gate access and automation requirements. This app that seamlessly integrates with both SMART and ULTRA solutions providing live device status and health information, push notifications, and the ability to trigger actions, all in one convenient app.

  • Ability to conveniently open and close the gate operator from your phone
  • Keep an eye on device health, battery status, and mains presence of their gate operator, all from within the app
  • Biometric and PIN options available for increased protection
  • Configure your favourite actions, customise device icons, and receive in-app notifications of errors and alarms
  • Expert assistance is available via the app’s technical support chat function.


Download the MyCentsys Remote App to get simple mobile access to control and manage the D10 & D20 SMART sliding gate operator.

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Specifications D5-SMART
Input voltage1 90V – 240V AC +/-10% @ 50Hz
Current consumption (Mains) 200mA
DX1 Battery charger current output 1.3A
Duty cycle – Mains present 2,3 Continuous
Motor voltage 5 24V DC
Motor power supply Battery-driven (Standard Capacity 2x12V)
Current consumption (motor at rated load) 13A
Input/Output sink currents (Max accessory current draw)
I/O 1-4 100mA (12/24V)
I/O 5, 6 3A (12/24V) 10sec Pulse
Motor push force – starting 30kgf
Motor push force – rated 17kgf
Gate mass – maximum 500kg
25 25m
Gate speed (varies with load) 4 Up to 36m/min (600mm/sec) @ 17kgf
Manual Override Lockable with key release
Operations in battery backup mode with 7.2Ah batteries
Half day 5, 6 209 (Power Saving) / 102 (Normal)
Full day 5, 6 183 (Power Saving) / 87 (Normal)
Collision Sensing Electronic
Operating temperature range -15°C to +50°C
Onboard receiver type Code-hopping multichannel receiver with selective add and delete
Receiver code storage capacity 1500 Remotes7
Receiver frequency 433.92MHz
Degree of protection IP55
Mass of unit packed (with standard kit, but excl. rack and battery) 9.1kg
Packaging dimensions (with standard kit, but excl. rack and battery) 325mm wide x 244mm deep x 445mm high

1 Can operate off a solar supply, consult your local dealer for assistance

2 Based on 25°C ambient temperature and unit not in direct sunlight

3 Based on a motor push force of less than 50% of rated (Starting and Running forces)

4 Opening and closing speeds can be configured to run slower depending on the requirements of individual installations

5 Based on 7Kgf. Gates requiring up to 17Kgf will result in fewer operations

6 Based on 4m gate, excluding all accessories

7 Multiple buttons per remote can be used


For more information download our product datasheet


Download our installation and operating instructions