Safety & Security Equipment

Our safety equipment products feature a wide range of loop detectors and security beams options, including safety light curtains which provide maximum coverage for entrances, there is bound to be one to suit your needs.


Safety & Security Equipment

Our safety and security products include a range of commercial auto door sensors, gate safety equipment, access control equipment, remote radio controls, and warning lights and sounders.

For reliable accurate detection select from our extensive range of loop and vehicle detectors, logics, safety beams, and light curtains to safely secure your gate or entrance.  Our products enable secure automated gate access for vehicles, protect and prevent injury to pedestrians and deter intruders around gate entry and exits.

Ensure secure access to your premises and the safety of your staff using keypads, RFID cards together with door and gate controllers. We also have many years of experience providing reliable radio remote control systems for standard and long-range applications.

Backed by exceptional technical support and fast service, our SafePass products deliver the best results ensuring you achieve the highest level of safety and security. Contact us today.
Commercial Auto Door Sensors

Our range of microwave and infrared advanced technology door activation sensors has your business entry points covered
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Safety Equipment

We have a wide range of loop detectors and safety beams options - there's bound to be one to suit your needs
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Access Control Equipment

Ensure secure access to your building and safety of your staff by using keypads, RFID cards with door and gate controllers
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Remote Radio Controls

We have more than 20 years experience providing reliable radio remote control systems for standard and long range applications
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Warning Lights & Sounders

In addition to our standard product range below we have access to many types and combinations of voice sounders, sirens and warning lights - contact us for assistance regarding your requirements
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Traffic and Parking Control

Rotech can offer various combinations of traffic lights and sirens for hazardous situations where high safety is a priority
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Other Products

Vehicle Access Control

Need fast, secure vehicle access control - choose from our range of high duty cycle boom gates with optional solar power.  Our sliding and swing gate openers are suitable for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications - Servicing Australia Wide
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Pedestrian Access Control

Whether security is your priority or you need to monitor the movement of people, Rotech's range of full and waist height turnstiles, rapid access gates, flap barriers and pedestrian swing gates can do the job.  We service Australia wide.
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