SafePass RD6 Radar Detector for Boom Gates

$330.00 (Incl GST)

Capable of detecting vehicles up to a distance of 6 metres – providing greater security and safety around boom gates


The RD6 Radar Detector is simple, practical and convenient to install.  It can be used with any make of boom gate and replaces the need for safety loop detectors or PE beams.

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No need for messy, expensive roadworks, the SafePass RD6 can be positioned anywhere providing the flexibility to accommodate a range of detection scenarios i.e. on walls and ceilings in underground car parks.

Ideal for commercial and industrial situations such as factory entrances, car parks or any location where pedestrians are likely to be moving around an automatic boom gate.

Featuring a superior detection range of 6 metres, the RD6 Radar Detector uses K-band microwave technology to accurately control the boom gate’s opening and closing.  A fast response time of 20-90 milliseconds ensures an immediate reversal of the boom gate when an obstruction is detected.

The SafePass RD6 Radar Detector includes the following features:

  • Adjustable: the sensing distance of RD6 can be set to suit the length of the pole (up to 6 metres). The detection sensitivity and direction of movement (approaching, leaving, or both)
  • Easy to setup: simple set-up using the indicator lights and function key to navigate through the various menus
  • Safety device: can be set up to detect vehicles and people or vehicles only — the sensor prevents the boom gate from closing when either a person or a vehicle enters the detection area
  • LED Indication Lights: the green LEDs identify when a vehicle or person enters the detection area and the red LED light indicates power is on
  • Easy installation: the RD6 is easily installed anywhere, at a height or distance, of up to 6 meters. With its versatile mechanical orientation, the RD6 ensures accurate positioning to the required coverage area providing wide coverage and high-resolution
  • Tough: constructed of black corrosion-resistant ABS material the RD6 is water-resistant to IP67
  • Mounting: the sensor can be surface mounted.


For more information download our product datasheet.



Specification RD6 Radar Detector
Detection Range 1-6 metres
Detection Speed 20-90ms
Operating Frequency 24.150GHz
Input Voltage 10-24 VDC
3 Levels of Detection High, Medium, Low
Indicators Detection: Green LED

Power: Red LED

Directionality Horizontal: 0-28

Vertical: 0-60

Relay Control Time 1-6s adjustable
Relay Contact 1A@24VDC/AC
Working Current <150mA
Output Power <20bm
Operating Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Dimensions 118mm x 98mm x 26mm
Rating Water-resistant to IP67
Construction Material Black ABS Material


For more information download our product datasheet.


For information about installation and operating instructions please download our PDF.