Bionik AG 8M Boom Gates for Harsh Industrial Conditions

Rugged construction – 3mm thick cabinet reinforced with 6mm steel bracing – Heavy-duty springs – Strengthened pole support operates in 90 Km/h winds – Up to 5,000 operations per day – Brushless DC motor with multifunction digital controller for precise control


Suited to harsh industrial applications, the Bionik AG’s 3mm thick reinforced cabinet, heavy-duty springs and a boom pole with internal braces allows this automatic boom gate to reliably operate in winds up to 90 km per hour.


The new generation Bionik AG is the first automatic boom gate with digital thinking.  Its unique design offers precise speed control, easily programmed multi-function digital controller and ultra-responsive performance.  Advanced features provide smooth operation, instant reversing, superior safety sensing, tough 100% duty cycle and low power consumption at an affordable price.


Solar power option is available for remote area applications.


The strong, elegant modern design and easily programmed multi-function digital controller makes the AG for all types of buildings.

The brushless motor combined with the new digital control unit enables the Bionik AG Series Boom Gate to offer so much more than regular boom gates:

The Bionik AG Industrial Automatic Booms Gates include the following features:

  • Quality is unsurpassed: European designed and manufactured, using only the highest quality materials and components available, has produced a product that is strong, robust and designed to last.
  • Increased safety sensing:  The design of the motor will allow instant reversing of the boom pole if any of the safety devices are activated or if the pole is obstructed. Increased control of the safety sensing means all aspects of safety can be accurately managed.
  • Mechanically tough and durable: the mechanical quality of the Bionik AG is exceptional, with machined steel gears and high-quality bearings. The strong gearbox and self-locking mechanism prevents damage from vandalism as the pole cannot be forced.
  • Essential safety features are covered:  Strategically placed warning lights on the top of the boom gate cabinet and the boom pole, loop detectors and 2 safety beams ensure vehicles and pedestrians alike are protected.
  • Speed control: The absolute encoder constantly monitors the speed and position of the boom pole. This allows the control unit to accurately adjust the speed on closing and opening, providing a smooth operation and longer life.
  • Security: If tailgating is a problem the Bionik AG can solve this, the intelligent software of the control panel can prevent a second vehicle tailgating by instantly lowering the pole to halfway.  The gate will not open until the second vehicle has taken a ticket or presented an access card.
  • Reliable and efficient: The revolutionary brushless motor provides much greater efficiency – allowing up to 4000 operations per day with ultra-low power consumption.  Being brushless the motor saves time and money in maintenance.
  • Optional large capacity batteries: can be fitted to increase operating times for solar power applications and when the mains fail.


For more information view our product datasheet and videos:





Bionik AG


Boom Pole Length

7800 from front of cabinet

Cycles per day (opening/closing 24h non-stop)


Opening Time

9 – 29 (sec)

Accessories power supply

24V DC

Manual Release

External with key

Power Supply

230V AC 50Hz

Brushless motor power supply

From 0 to
36V DC

Motor Current

From 0 to 18A

Motor power


Output Torque

From 10 to
400 Nm

Operating temperature

– 20 + 55 C°

Protection Level


Battery back up




Travel control system Digital Absolute Encoder


For more information view our product datasheet and videos:




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