Turnstiles: Providing Secure Access to Your Facilities

Post by: admin - April 29, 2013
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Installing access control systems is essential to secure any site or establishment from unwanted or unauthorised personnel. One of the most common options businesses use in their facilities are turnstiles. Turnstiles monitor access to specific areas in a site by allowing or restricting passage to authorised personnel.

Before investing in these security systems, however, it is necessary that you learn more about the many types of turnstiles to ensure that your investment offers you the best value for money.

If you need durable and quality turnstiles for your industrial or commercial establishment, our team at Rotech can assist you.  Along with an array of door and gate automation equipment we are also one of the leading suppliers of turnstiles in Australia.We are fully capable of providing you with the system that best suits your requirements.

Types of Turnstiles

Rotech is confident that our range of turnstiles and access solutions will suit most applications. Rotech’s turnstiles are of excellent quality and are aesthetically pleasing so they will complement any building design.

  • Full height turnstiles – full height turnstiles are ideal for use in areas where the highest security is required, such as industrial plants and military installations. Rotech’s Sentinel series of full height turnstiles offers the greatest degree of security especially in facilities where there are unmanned access points. The Sentinel series allows two-way traffic, 15 people per minute throughput and are compatible with all access control systems.
  • Waist height turnstiles – these are the most common types of turnstiles used to regulate pedestrian access in buildings such as offices and gyms. Rotech offers two types of waist height turnstiles: TriStar J series and TriStar E series. Our waist height turnstiles are bi-directional, with memory input, compatibility with all access cards and 25 people per minute throughput.
  • Supermarket gates and turnstiles – Retail stores require a high quality finish on gates and turnstiles designed for pedestrian access control in supermarkets, canteens and self-service stores. Our Bulwark Manual Supermarket Turnstiles and Gates allow one-way traffic and are used along with barrier rails to guide customers to the pay point.


Benefits of Installing Turnstiles

  • Security – turnstiles improve the level of security onsite by providing a physical barrier to stop unauthorised entry or entry without the proper identification. Security teams can also easily keep track of the people going in and out of premises as turnstiles restrict access to one person at a time.
  • Savings – installing turnstiles can also bring savings to businesses as the need for security personnel can be reduced, although not completely removed. Guards can focus more on what should be done, which is security enforcement, instead of verifying IDs.
  • Convenience – since our waist height and full height turnstiles offer very fast throughput, those with authorised access to facilities can get in and out of the site conveniently without having guards checking the identity of each person.


Turnstiles can be the first line of defence in your facility, so make sure to choose only the high quality turnstiles from Rotech. Contact us today and let our team help you create a more safe and secure environment.

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