Industries That Can’t Live Without Boom Gates

Post by: admin - February 15, 2016
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Secure vehicle access is vital for a broad range of industries. From caravan parks, hospital car parking and shopping malls to ports and railway crossings, boom gates are an essential tool for 21st Century management of vehicle access. And for some industries, being able to monetise entry and exit is also crucial.

We take a look at the use of automatic boom gates and a few key features of their operation.

Useful in a variety of industries

In many situations automatic gates are required to deal with a heavy flow of traffic.

  • Shopping malls for example, have hundreds of paid car spaces and the flow of traffic in and out necessitates smooth, reliable and efficient operation.
  • Hospitals, residential high-rise car parks, major building sites and busy dispatch and delivery areas all need to use automatic boom gates.
  • At government facilities, such as parliament buildings, military installations, and at ports, mines, airports and other secure facilities, monitoring in the past was usually done by a designated person who checked credentials and allowed traffic in and out. Now technology is helping to make the process more automated and even more secure. Of course, sometimes a security guard manning the gates is still necessary.
  • Other types of industries such as those dealing with under 600 cars a day, for example a factory car park which requires some level of security, will need less sophisticated operation of the boom gates, but still have to assure security on the site and manage the flow of traffic.


How modern boom gates work

With ticket or credit card payment options, boom gates offer a secure barrier and almost instant access and exit when triggered.  Gate openers can also be operated by a computer or even a mobile phone when applicable. As well, there is now the option of solar powered gate openers, which is both environmentally friendly and a bonus for electricity usage.

Keypad, tag, or card readers can all be used with boom gates to increase security and control the flow of traffic.  These automatic gates are also fast. These days, it can take less than three seconds to rise fully.  Vandal proof, linked to fire alarm system where necessary and using the latest in proximity card readers, quality boom gates will heighten security and manage vehicular traffic reliably for many years with regular maintenance.

Need to install or update your boom gates?

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