TriStar F21 Turnstile Plays Vital Role Securing Entry to Cross River Rail Worksites

Post by: admin - October 11, 2021

MORE TRAINS MORE OFTEN | The Qld Government’s $5.4bn Cross River Rail project has progressed from its early works in 2017, to major construction in 2019 and is now well on its way to being delivered.

Key worksites have been established at Woolloongabba, Boggo Road, Albert Street, Roma Street and Exhibition/RNA Showgrounds to build the new underground rail system that will streamline Brisbane’s public transport system.

The project aims to deliver a new 10.2-kilometre rail line from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, including 5.9 kilometres of twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and CBD by 2025.  While the engineering feats involved are staggering, in the age of COVID, the management of the large workforce is equally as impressive.


Demolition, underground excavation, tunnelling and construction are high risk, hazardous activities, but even more so when carried out in built-up city locations. 

With a project as large and complex as Cross River Rail, strict compliance with workplace health and safety standards minimises risks to workers. High-level security measures keep people working, living and moving around the work areas out of harm’s way.

Knowing who is where on all work sites at any time, preventing access to unauthorised people, controlling access to high risk or restricted areas and managing the movement of the site-based workforce, contractors and visitors is a mammoth undertaking.

Damstra’s high-tech integrated workforce management software manages, monitors, tracks, and controls the access rights of everybody entering the project work sites.

Requiring proven, reliable entry and exit barriers to team up with Damtra’s sophisticated site access control technology, the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority specified Rotech’s Full Height Turnstiles, Gates and Boom Gates.


Work at the Albert Street station has been relentless and fast-paced, involving excavation and retention activities including rock hammering, controlled blasting, drilling, soil removal, installing propping systems, formwork and concreting.

Sections of road have been closed during this activity but the pedestrian thoroughfare has been maintained.  This is a massive planning challenge for the team.

“Albert Street is very different, we’re a lot more constrained in size. We have thousands of people walking through the site and we have residential towers beside us”
Dusan Ilac, TSD Area Engineering Manager, Cross River Rail

TriStar F21 Full Height Turnstile at Cross River Rail's Albert Street Worksite

Rotech’s Australian-made TriStar F21 full height turnstiles and security gate
 playing a vital security and safety role at the Albert Street Site

The TriStar F21 full height turnstiles and wide access security gates work in real-time with Damstra’s multi-site access control system to only allow compliant workers and authorised contractors entry.

  • No Tailgating: the design restricts access to one person at a time, preventing tailgating of an unauthorised person by following an authorised one
  • Convenient: the high, wide security gate entrance allows easy entry for personnel wearing hard hats, carrying tools and bulky equipment
  • Bi-directional: the turnstile can be set to entrance only, exit only or used in both directions.  The status indication system indicates whether the turnstile is secure i.e. the entry/exit is closed or freewheeling
  • High capacity drive mechanism: has a 5-year guarantee
  • Battery back-up: on power failure, the TriStar’s unique relay and battery backup system automatically switches to battery back-up and activates a warning siren to indicate that the power supply has failed.  The turnstile can function for up to 3000 cycles without mains power.

When personnel swipe their access cards the access control system records and monitors who is on-site and where.  This is critical information in an emergency when site management and safety crews need to know the location and how many personnel are on site.


Ideal for construction sites, a portable base and solar power options allow it to be used in remote locations or situations without access to mains power.  Easily relocatable the turnstile and gate can be moved to different locations as the project progresses.

The TriStar is the first Australian-made product of its type, created to provide customers with a safe and secure method of access control with multiple optional features and customisation options.

If you would like further information about this or other safety and security solutions call Vince on 07 3250 1123 or email us at

References:  Information relating to Cross River Rail project activity was sourced from the official State of Queensland website at – Last Accessed 25 August 2021

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