Radar Detector v Loop Detector – which is better?

Post by: admin - March 25, 2024
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The choice between radar detectors and loop detectors greatly depends on the specific requirements of the application, cost considerations and the desired level of accuracy and reliability.

This article highlights the differences between the two technologies in the context of automatic boom gate safety installation. Both radar detectors and loop detectors can be used for vehicle detection, but the technology used operates differently on each device and each with Pros and Cons.

Infographic about Pros and Cons of RD6 Radar Detector versus Loop Detector

Rotech’s RD6 Radar Detector consists of a radar transmitter, receiver and antenna in one small unit. The radar unit emits radio waves which detect the reflection of these waves off any object (motor vehicle and people) approaching the boom gate.

By integrating the RD6 radar detector with the boom gate control system you can automate the opening and closing of the boom barrier based on the presence or absence of vehicles.

If a vehicle is detected approaching the boom gate, the control mechanism activates the motor to raise the boom gate barrier to allow the vehicle to pass. When the vehicle or pedestrian has exited the detection area the control mechanism lowers the boom gate barrier to restrict access.

Rotech offers a wide range of different types of loop detectors that operate similarly but can be fitted in different ways (11-pin or flat pack for confined spaces and rail mount). A loop detector consists of loops of wire embedded in the pavement near the boom gate barrier that generates an electromagnetic field. When a vehicle passes over the loop, it disrupts the electromagnetic field, triggering the detection of the vehicle.

When the signal processing unit determines the presence, size and speed of the vehicle the automatic boom gate control mechanism activates the motor to raise the boom gate to allow the vehicle to pass.

When the vehicle passes over a second set of loop detectors on the exit side it triggers the gate controller to lower the barrier gate. In summary, both radar detectors and loop detectors have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to detecting vehicles for controlling an automatic boom gate – which one to use depends on the environment in which it is installed.

Competitively priced, all our gate safety equipment solutions comply with international standards. For reliable accurate detection select from our extensive range of loop detectors and logics, vehicle detectors, safety beams, and safety light curtains to secure your gate or entrance.

Contact us to discuss whether a radar detector or loop detector is best suited to your application for safe, reliable security around an automatic boom gate.