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Post by: admin - July 9, 2018
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Reliance on a few security personnel and manual collection of payments for busy car parks is becoming a thing of the past.  In addition to being difficult to manage and, in many instances, uneconomical, the need to improve vehicle security and customer safety are key issues for car park operators.

Operators are turning to new technologies to provide cost-effective solutions to manage and accurately record vehicle movement in, out and around parking facilities.

Common technologies being adopted

On-line car park booking systems provide customers with the convenience of booking a parking space ahead of time.  For car park operators, this allows more efficient management of variable parking rates in-line with peak or slow periods.

Licence plate recognition is now a common feature in major shopping centre car parks. Used to control and enforce timed parking limit policies, the system permits fast, hands-free car park access, minimising congestion and providing expedient entry/exit flow at parking gates.

Facial recognition technology is also receiving attention as an effective method of improving public safety. Similar to licence plate recognition, authorised access is achieved without the need for cards or other forms of identity.  The advantage of facial recognition is the ability to manage access by individuals driving the vehicle rather than the vehicle itself.

Innovations in boom gate design making it all possible

Enabling the implementation of these modern access control technologies are new hi-tech automated boom gates which have evolved to become smaller, smarter, faster and tougher.

A product meeting this challenge is Rotech’s Sentinel BK Automatic Boom Gate.  A new state-of-the-art solution, the BK’s unique compact design is the latest automatic boom gate with digital processing.

Advanced features accommodate a large list of requirements including:

Situations where space is a premium 

The Sentinel BK boom gate’s performance and features are equal to larger boom gates while its small footprint makes it perfect for apartments, commercial premises, industrial sites and residential areas.

Fast, precise speed control making entry and exit a breeze

The BK’s control unit constantly checks the speed and position of the boom pole, accurately adjusting the speed on opening and closing, enabling precise speed control and ultra-responsive performance.

Automated access control

The BK’s sophisticated controller is compatible with all access control systems and validation methods including; key card, ticket, cash or credit card payment, number plate or facial recognition software.

Higher security

BK’s intelligent control panel software works to manage illegal entry and exit.  In the instance, a second vehicle attempts to enter, or exit, by tailgating behind another the boom pole will instantly lower to half-way and will not open without proper validation.  Theft of cars and other vehicles from the car park is minimised as offenders are unable to get out of the car park without validation.  The strong gearbox and self-locking mechanism mean the boom pole cannot be forced open preventing damage from vandalism.

Superior safety sensing capability protecting people and vehicles

Monitoring its safety sensing circuit 100 times a minute the innovative encoder ensures all aspects of safety is precisely managed. If any of the safety devices are activated or the pole is obstructed the motor will instantly reverse the boom pole.  Strategically placed high-viz warning lights on the boom gate cabinet and along the pole, loop detectors and safety beams ensure vehicles and pedestrians alike are protected.

Unsurpassed efficiency

The revolutionary low maintenance brushless motor is extremely reliable and efficient allowing up to 4000 operations per day with ultra-low power consumption.

If you are interested in finding out more about how our Sentinel BK Automatic Boom Gate or any of our other boom gate products may be used to improve safety and security in your car park call us on (07) 3205 1123 today.

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