Improving Safety and Security with Turnstiles

Post by: admin - March 19, 2018
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Controlling access is one of the greatest security and safety challenges for property and event managers. They have a responsibility to protect customers and their own staff from threats ranging from armed robbery right up to terrorist attacks.

The great benefit of turnstiles is that only one person at a time can enter a building or enclosure – there’s no tailgating of an unauthorised person behind an authorised one.

This means turnstiles have a major part to play in creating a safe environment for staff and customers, whether it’s at industrial premises, a sports event, concert or even a Boxing Day sale.

In fact, Security Magazine reported in January that sales of turnstiles have increased markedly in the past few years because of increased security fears around the world.

The benefits of turnstiles

Turnstiles slow foot traffic, giving security and reception staff a chance to spot trouble before it occurs. They monitor and manage the movement of visitors and staff, permitting a steady flow of people so tickets can be checked, passes validated and numbers counted.

The modern breed of turnstiles can be integrated with other security features such as swipe cards or cameras, with employee time cards to record arrival and departure times, and with bar code readers to detect pilfering and theft on exit.

They can also be used to prevent unauthorised entry – whether intentional or not – to secure or dangerous areas such as construction, industrial or mining sites.

Australian-made turnstiles with Rotech

Rotech’s TriStar Full Height Turnstile is the first Australian-made product of its type and comes with multiple security and safety options.

  • It is bi-directional and can be set to entrance only, exit only or used both ways, then locked outside opening hours.
  • A soft start and stop feature makes it easy to use, even for a small child.
  • High, wide entrance allows easy entry for personnel wearing hard hats and carrying tools.
  • The frame and rotor are galvanised, and stainless steel is an option.
  • High-capacity drive mechanism supports all types and sizes of rotating arms.
  • Battery back-up can operate the turnstile to for up to 3000 cycles during power outages.
  • Turnstile roof prevents unauthorised and unseen entry at unattended exits.
  • Compatible with all access control systems.
  • Can incorporate an alcohol breathalyser to prevent entry to working sites by personnel who have been drinking.
  • Optional solar panel operation for remote areas or building sites.


Rotech prides itself on bringing the latest trends in automated security to Australia. Contact us to discuss how our turnstiles can help boost safety and security at your premises or major event.

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