Bionik Boom Gates – the ultimate universal boom gate solution 

Post by: admin - June 4, 2024

No two sites are the same – no access control scenario is identical – Roger Technology’s Bionik boom gates are versatile enough, and adaptable enough, to suit virtually any location needing to manage vehicle access control safely and securely. 

We love the versatility of Roger Boom Gate products – Roger Technology’s Bionik automatic boom gates represent the ideal solution for all residential, commercial, or industrial applications as they are fast, resistant, energy efficient and easily integrated with any vehicle access control systems. 

Over the past 8 years, Rotech has sold the Bionik AG and BK automatic boom gates to suit a diverse range of situations, including shopping centre carparks, caravan parks, schools, waste facilities, mines, worksites, etc – with installation locations everywhere from Thursday Island in far North Qld, down to Tasmania and across to Karratha. 

Flexible Configurations Enable Customised Solutions 

The Bionik boom gate models and options provide configurations to suit a vast range of applications, from light-duty residential to heavy-duty industrial sites. These include different arm lengths (up to 8m), articulated arm for low ceilings, speed settings for high traffic, paired as primary/secondary device configuration and all the additional accessories you may like such as LED lights, safety skirts, signage, and control options.    

Seamless integration with a wide range of safety and access control systems, such as PE beams, loop detectors and Radar or RFID readers, keypads, intercom systems, and remote-control units make it easy to incorporate the Roger boom gate/s into existing security infrastructure or new installations. 

Advanced Brushless Motor Technology 

What’s so great about brushless technology?  It boasts unparalleled power and torque, unwavering reliability, and an exceptionally low energy footprint. The Roger Brushless motor is an electric motor designed to operate without brushes and using ”rare earth” neodymium iron boron magnets inside the motor. This allows the brushless boom gate motors to be extremely compact, maintain an ambient temperature during operation, be incredibly strong, stand up to extremely intensive use and run on extremely low power.   

Comprehensive Safety Features 

Safety is inherent in all of Roger’s Bionik boom gate designs.  Integrated safety features such as obstacle detection, emergency release mechanisms, and photocell sensors ensure safe operation in all types of environments, protecting both vehicles and pedestrians. 

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance  

Brushless motor technology means boom Roger boom gate motors have been designed to deliver high efficiency, durability, and low maintenance.  This will lead to reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs over the lifespan of the boom gate. The Brushless technology provides smooth and reliable operation which are suitable for various environments and usage patterns. Featuring easy-to-use intuitive controls and interfaces that facilitate easy installation and maintenance. 

Robust Construction and Weather-resistant 

Built with high-quality materials and advanced engineering, Bionik boom gates are manufactured tough enough to ensure long-term performance in the most challenging environments.  Roger Technology’s reputation has been based on producing robust and reliable boom gate systems designed to withstand intensive use in most climate conditions. This makes it the perfect solution for Australia’s diverse and often extreme climates. 

The use of energy-efficient technologies not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with modern sustainability goals making Bionik boom gates an attractive option for environmentally conscious projects and remotely located sites. 

Bionik boom gates have a proven track record with our customers as being the most versatile boom gate solution for vehicle access control in the country, capable of meeting the needs of a wide array of applications from residential complexes to commercial properties and industrial sites. 

A modern design with a low aesthetic impact, Bionik boom gates are functional and visually appealing , making them suitable for locations where appearance is important, such as corporate offices, luxury residential complexes, and public buildings.  

Bionik 3-4 M BK Compact Boom Gate for Commercial Car Parks and General Industry 

A great solution for tight spaces without compromising on performance – the Bionik BK automatic boom gate’s modern compact design allows it to be installed where regular boom gates won’t fit such as buildings with narrow kerbing or low ceilings. 

Key Features Include: Compact design – Cost-effective solution for sites with tight spaces – Intensive use 100% duty cycle – Up to 5000 operations per day – Fast opening speed – Instant reversing – Superior safety sensing – LED lights on top of cabinet and boom pole – Manual over-ride – Solar Option. 

Bionik AG 3-6M and 8M Boom Gates for Harsh Industrial Conditions 

A larger and stronger boom gate, the Bionik AG’s are durable enough to handle tough workloads and operate reliably in harsh environments making it ideal for remote sites and more open spaces. 

Key Features Include:  Rugged construction – 3mm thick cabinet reinforced with 6mm steel bracing – Heavy-duty springs – Strengthened pole support operates in 90 Km/h winds – Up to 5,000 operations per day – Brushless DC motor with multifunction digital controller for precise control.

Boom Gates Manufactured by the best in the world 

Roger Technology has been producing top-tier electric motors entirely in-house since 1981. Rotech Automation has been a distributor of Roger Technology products in Australia since 2017.

Innovative Technology 

Founded in 1982 with a vision to revolutionize the gate automation industry, Roger Technology has been at the forefront of technological advancements with its 100% duty cycle brushless motors – pushing boundaries to deliver cutting-edge solutions.  

The company integrates cutting-edge technology into their boom gates. This includes advanced electronic controls, brushless motors, and energy-efficient designs that enhance performance and longevity. 

 Roger Technology today is a trusted name in the industry, driven by a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. 

Global Presence and Reputation 

Roger Technology has a strong global presence and a reputation for quality and innovation. Their boom gates are trusted worldwide, demonstrating their reliability and effectiveness in various vehicle access control applications. These systems have been successfully implemented in countless projects around Australia and Worldwide. 

Roger Technology’s brushless operators undeniably stand as the industry’s pinnacle. Roger’s innovative brushless design sparked a revolution within the automation sector, and its unmistakable Italian design and manufacturing heritage ensure unrivalled quality and style. 

Quality Control Italian Made 

Since its inception, Roger Technology has been a stalwart in the industry producing top-tier electric motors with a commitment to craftsmanship. Roger established a state-of-the-art production and assembly facility in Veneto, Italy where 99% of all Roger Technology products are meticulously crafted, cementing their legacy as a paragon of excellence in the field.