6 Benefits of Covering your Business Entry Points with Door Activation Sensors

Post by: admin - August 13, 2019

Your front doors are the main entry points through which customers or clients enter your business premises. They’re one of the first things people see of your business and as such, should not only be efficient but present a positive image of your business. So how can you make your business entry points welcoming and impressive, and secure at the same time?

THE ANSWER: door activation sensors.

Door activation sensors give your business an impressive entry point through the efficient control of automatic doors, as well as keep your entry points secure. Through an active infrared sensor, microwave sensor or both, doors automatically open and close for customers or clients, and stay locked when it is no longer operating hours.

Such capabilities are certainly impressive, but these are by no means the only benefits of having an automatic sliding door – here are several others:

1. Easier entrance and exit monitoring

With door sensors as part of your overall business security system, you can better monitor the people coming in and out of your premises. Persons or objects need to be standing within a detection area around entry points in order to trigger sensors and consequently open doors. This guarantees a moment where people can be clearly seen coming in and out of a premises through entry point CCTV cameras.

2. Remote control

Many automatic door sensors have remote controls, which allow you to conveniently set sensor parameters remotely.

3. Energy savings

You might think that having automatic door sensors will only add to your energy costs, but they can actually help lessen them. Indoor heating and cooling systems usually consume the most energy within a building. Having constantly open doors can significantly increase the energy needed for these systems to maintain indoor temperatures.

By installing automatic door sensors, you limit the amount of time that doors remain open, thereby preserving indoor temperature and conserving the energy needed to maintain it.

Many door activation sensors are also very energy efficient in themselves, consuming very little energy to operate efficiently. Some can even distinguish between pedestrian or vehicular traffic and open doors or entryways only up to the size of the opening required, further increasing energy efficiency.

4. Easy entrance and exit for materials and supplies

If your business or facility often receives large deliveries of materials and supplies; or if your business needs to move goods in bulk regularly, door activation sensors are essential. These will allow easy entrance and exit of large, bulky items.

5. Easy entrance for people with disabilities

This is especially necessary for hospitals and other medical facilities where persons are wheeled in on wheelchairs and stretchers, or have disabilities and require assistance when going through doors. Door activation sensors make it so that these people don’t need to exert any effort to go through doors.

6. Lesser maintenance and assorted costs

Because doors or access points need not be touched when door activation sensors are present, damage to doors or sensors due to pedestrian use or direct contact is minimised or even eliminated. This means you spend less time and money on maintenance, and they last longer than most other types of entry systems.

With all these benefits, door activation sensors give you great value for money and are a definite must for every business premises. Make sure your business doesn’t miss out on these benefits– enquire about our range of commercial door activation sensors now by calling (07) 3205 1123.

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