5 Reasons why this Sliding Gate Opener is so SMART

Post by: admin - March 9, 2022
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One of the first electric gate motors was invented in 1881 – needless to say, automatic gate openers have come a long way.

In today’s world, nothing is untouched by technology; modern automated gate systems allow all types of gates to be opened or closed by a remote, intercom, or security code. They are increasingly becoming more reliable, secure, and easy to use.

The new D5 SMART is a sliding gate motor that has taken gate automation to the next level incorporating the latest advances in technology.

What makes the D5 SMART sliding gate operator smart: 

1. SPEED | Incredible speed means more security

With an incredible top speed of 36 metres per minutethe D5 SMART is the fastest in its class and delivers the perfect balance between security and safety. Moving gates at nearly twice the speed of its predecessor, the D5 SMART safeguards against tailgating, considerably reduces the time spent waiting in the driveway and ensures safe and secure access in and out of your property.


The D5 SMART sliding gate motor, engineered to take all the effort out of operating your gate, brings pushbutton convenience through industry-leading intelligence. Wireless and effortless, it is easy to set up, configure, and manage your automatic sliding gate using your smartphone. Advanced diagnostic feedback and reporting make identifying and troubleshooting easier.

3. BATTERY BACK-UP | Longer battery standby

The D5 SMART’s reliable 24-volt battery back-up system delivers more operations and provides continued operation for up to 35 cycles during power outages. 

Featuring an intelligent battery charger with onboard diagnostics and SMΔRT communication between the charger and the controller provides security and convenience like never before.

4.  SAFETY | Designed to incorporate advanced safety features

The D5 SMΔRT’s mechanical design boasts advanced safety features and cutting-edge obstruction detection technology, ensuring that your gate isn’t only secure but completely safe.

The improved position control system, incorporating hall effect technology, is highly resistant to interference. Gate opening and closing speeds can be independently adjusted, helping to reduce accidents and damage to the gate. If needed, the D5 features a convenient and intuitive single-action manual release.

5. SECURITY | Innovative theft protection

The D5’s theft-resistant cage bracket that threads through the gearbox offers outstanding security and peace of mind. The sliding gate operator has a built-in vibration sensor that can be linked to an alarm to notify you if the gate motor is being tampered with, potentially helping to prevent theft of the gate motor as well as break-ins.

Designed for speed and performance, crafted for excellence, ruggedly robust, and endlessly innovative, the D5 SMART automatic sliding gate motor is smart, sophisticated, and cutting-edge.

Interested in more information about the D5 SMART Sliding Gate Opener download our Product Datasheet . Call us on 07 3205 1123 or email us if you have any questions.

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