Want More Reach from your LX Transmitter?

Post by: admin - May 30, 2019
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Australia’s vast distances and many locations where there is a lot of radio interference presents a challenge for long range transmitters. 

LX Long Range Wireless, Open Air, Waterproof, Wall Mount Transmitters and Receivers

Frequently used by large property owners, quarries and mines, plant operators, commercial businesses and industrial organisations.  The LX transmitters and receivers are often used for safety, security and access control applications such as:

  • Controling gates, garage and industrial door entry systems
  • Arm and disarm alarm systems
  • Switch on/off all types of electrical equipment including lights, generators, water pumps, industrial fans and other machinery
  • As a door release button or under counter panic button.

Rotech’s wireless, waterproof, wall mount, long range transmitters produce a strong signal able to break through radio traffic that would typically swamp a signal from conventional transmitters.

Designed for fixing to a wall or post the WMTX Wireless Long Range Wall Mount Transmitter is powered by a 3V long-life lithium battery and is good for 60,000 activations – no wiring necessary.  The weatherproof housing means the transmitter can be mounted externally.

The 1 channel receiver can handle up to 80 transmitters and the 4 channel can handle 256.  Each transmitter has 1,2,4 or 6 individually programmable buttons.

Get another 800m on top of the standard 500m line of sight with the RPLX Wireless Repeater Unit.

Teamed up with a long range wireless repeater unit, which effectively boosts signals around large areas, the range of our waterproof LX transmitters can be extended from 500 metes up to1.3 kilometres line of sight.

Rotech’s transmitter and/or repeater unit provide the perfect solution for domestic, commercial and industrial environments where distance or interference is an issue.

More information about our LX Long Range Wireless Transmitters and Receivers

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