SAFEPASS Sensors “Waving” Good-bye to Contamination

Post by: admin - August 2, 2018
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Wave but Don’t Touch!    Eliminate cross-contamination and reduce the spread of bacteria, diseases and infections.   Advanced “touchless” door activation sensors are an effective solution to safeguarding facilities, employees, customers and patients against unhygienic practices. 

Rotech’s SAFEPASS ClearWave and J-Wave touchless door activation sensors incorporate the latest microwave and infrared technologies into a sleek slim line design that makes mounting a breeze.

ClearWave Touchless Door

SAFEPASS ClearWave Door Activation Sensor
hygienic, touchless, microwave technology, flush mounted, sleek design, water resistant, versatile 

This non-touch door activation switch is used to maintain sterile environments and features an adjustable touchless range from 5-40 cm.

Designed for installations where hygiene is paramount such as hospitals, operating theatres, pharmaceutical facilities, clean rooms, food processing plants and chemical industry applications.

SAFEPASS J-Wave Door Activation Sensor
germ-free, touchless, active infrared technology, jamb style mounting, tough polycarbonate  

A non-touch door activation switch with a detection distance of up to 30 cm.  Its low profile design facilitates a tidy installation on narrow door frames or guide rails.

Able to detect very fast hand movements in front of the switch body and is illuminated by an LED so it is easily located in dimly lit environments. Designed to reduce the spread of germs and improve accessibility in hospitals, healthcare, industrial, retail and commercial settings.

 Use SafePass Sensors with confidence

    • Minimise return site visits – Fast reaction times, consistent, reliable sensor performance in a wide range of installation and climatic environments.
    • Reduce Building Energy Loss – Accurately adjustable detection area reduces false door activation cutting building energy losses by as much as 15%.
    • Certification – All SafePass Sensors are TUV certified to DIN18650 Standards.
    • Designed for Easy Install – Installation instructions are clearly printed on the sensor body.
    • Simple dip switch settings, standard connections across all products, enables commissioning in a matter of minutes.
    • Warranty – All active infrared sensors are backed by a 5 Year manufacturing warranty.
    • Manufactured in Japan since 1968 – globally recognised as a market leader in the design and manufacture of sensors.

Our range of microwave and infrared advanced technology door activation sensors has all your business entry points covered.  Call us to find out which one will best suit your needs.

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