Full-Height Turnstiles: Benefits, Features, and Applications

Post by: admin - January 17, 2024
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As a renowned provider of robust commercial access control solutions and high-traffic security barriers, we understand the key role turnstiles play in multi-layered access control strategies. 

This article provides an overview of full-height turnstiles, including their purpose, benefits, features, customization options, and typical applications. 

We’ll discuss how they offer more security than waist-high or gate options, integrate with access control systems, guide visitor flow, and prevent unauthorized entry. 

Additionally, we’ll highlight our flagship model, the Tristar F21 Full Height Turnstile, as an example of the configurable security, safety mechanisms, and reliability our products provide. With vast experience in securing critical infrastructure and regulated environments, we offer turnstiles specially designed for sites requiring stringent access management.

Read on to understand why full-height turnstiles are trusted by high-traffic, safety-conscious organizations seeking robust and customizable access control solutions.

Full-height turnstiles provide more secure access control than waist-high or swing gate options. Standing over 7 feet tall, their rotating design allows passage of one person at a time after identity verification.  

The enclosed circular construction deters unauthorized entry by climbing or squeezing through gaps. It also guides visitors to flow in an orderly line, rather than a potential swarm navigating an open gate.

Importantly, full-height turnstiles eliminate the risk of tailgating or piggybacking that open gates allow. They close quickly after each entry, denying immediate secondary access. This ensures all visitors check in properly one-by-one upon verification.

Full-height turnstiles also readily integrate with various access control systems to regulate passage, like valid credential scans, breathalyzers, metal detectors, etc. Access is denied unless these verification requirements are met.

For high-traffic environments requiring secure and orderly access control, full-height turnstiles are the superior choice. Their imposing physical presence and integrated verification technology deter unauthorized entry for safer access management.

With enhanced security and more stringent access control capabilities than barrier gates, full-height turnstiles provide additional key benefits that make them the ideal choice for sites prioritizing safety.

The key benefit full height turnstiles provide is enhanced security and access control functionality. By guiding visitor flow one-by-one and integrating directly with systems like access control cards or biometric screening, sites can regulate and permit access on an individual level.

Full-height turnstiles serve as an imposing physical barrier that eliminates risks of tailgating, climbing over, or pushing through entry points. 

As outlined in the product overview earlier for Rotech’s TriStar F21 model, the units feature a hardened steel build, weatherproof roofs, and rapid rotation speeds to quickly close gaps after use. This creates both physical and psychological deterrence for would-be trespassers. 

The TriStar F21 also highlighted built-in support for most access control system standards. This allows the integration of credentials, blacklists, screening results and more to allow or deny access in line with site regulations. For example, matching valid ID scans to employee databases, utilizing facial recognition, or connecting alcohol breathalyzer.

Linked to access control, full height turnstiles also enhance safety by restricting unauthorized or impaired individuals from entering dangerous areas. For example, mines, construction sites, factories and other sites can pair units with breathalyzers to protect personnel in hazard zones or around heavy machinery. 

Access will be denied to anyone deemed unfit for site conditions after scanning. Additionally, full height turnstiles guide visitor flow to keep pathways orderly and prevent crowding at ingress or egress points. This allows large groups to move safely.

By leveraging both physical barriers and configurable access policies, full height turnstiles are uniquely positioned to boost security and safety compared to other access options. 

In addition to these overarching benefits, full height turnstiles offer numerous features to provide well-rounded, customizable access control for sites with diverse requirements.

Full height turnstiles showcase several advanced features that enable them to be flexible solutions tailored to each organization’s specific needs.

Many full height turnstile models offer solar power options. Units like Rotech’s TriStar F21 can operate off-grid via integrated solar panels and battery storage. This enables access control for outdoor venues, temporary events, construction sites without electrical infrastructure, or locations where connecting to mains power is challenging.

Mounting brackets come standard to allow the integration of card readers, biometric scanners, intercom systems and more. This facilitates the access control screening process. Sites can utilize existing verification systems or choose devices that meet their security policies.

The enclosed rotating design, weatherproof roof, and durable steel build of full height turnstiles actively deter intruders from attempting to climb or force passage. Status indicators also notify security teams of closed/open status and if emergency releases have been triggered for fast response.

Batteries integrated into the units provide reliable access control even during power outages. For example, our flagship model, the TriStar F21 offers up to 3,000 cycles without mains power. This prevents unexpected system failures.

Many optional features beyond these examples are also available, as full height turnstiles aim to provide holistic and customizable access management functionalities.

These turnstiles provide unwavering access control, seamlessly integrating with a range of access control technologies, including keypads, card readers, or biometric scanners. They meticulously regulate access, ensuring only authorized individuals enter designated zones.

Full-height turnstiles, equipped with sophisticated data collection and reporting capabilities, revolutionize traffic flow and security analysis. These turnstiles gather entry data, offering valuable insights into employee and visitor movement patterns. 

In emergency evacuation scenarios, the prompt identification of individuals who have entered or exited the building is crucial for ensuring the safety of all occupants. 

The full-height turnstile offers advanced security and data management features, including time and attendance monitoring for everyone, visitor movement tracking, unauthorized entry restriction, real-time turnstile status monitoring, and emergency key release access. 

These functionalities ensure the efficient control of access and optimize traffic flow while safeguarding the premises and occupants.

The TriStar F21’s enhanced security monitoring capabilities include real-time indication of the turnstile’s state, whether open or closed, and whether entry or exit is freewheeling. This crucial information safeguards the premises’ security and integrity.

The TriStar F21 full-height turnstile, when coupled with a robust access control system, stands as a formidable security and safety measure. Data collection and reporting functionalities offer valuable insights into traffic patterns, empowering informed decision-making. 

Real-time status monitoring and the emergency key release system ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry and that the turnstile functions flawlessly.

Full-height turnstiles offer a wide range of customization options that allow you to tailor them to your specific needs and requirements. Whether you require additional security features, branding elements, or modifications to adapt to various space constraints, these turnstiles provide a versatile solution.

The TriStar F21 full-height turnstile stands out for its extensive customization capabilities. Its compatibility with various access control systems ensures seamless integration into existing security infrastructure. 

Moreover, specialized features can be incorporated into the standard design to meet unique requirements. A few customization options include the following:

  • Wide Access Gate: an optional wide access gate, seamlessly extending the turnstile frame, provides unrestricted passage for larger items like wheelchairs, bulky deliveries, and equipment.
  • Solar Panel Operation:  the option of solar panel operation eliminates the need for traditional electrical connections, making the TriStar F21 ideal for remote locations, construction sites, or areas with limited power access.
  • Portable Version: a portable version of the TriStar F21 offers flexibility in deployment, allowing for convenient placement in various settings.
  • Roof and Anti-Climb Mesh: enhanced security can be obtained by incorporating a roof and anti-climb mesh, further deterring unauthorized access, and protecting the turnstile from potential tampering.

We provide safe and secure access solutions and our TriStar F21 full-height turnstile, with its extensive customization options and built-in safety features, exemplifies our commitment.

Additionally, Despite the lack of formal regulations governing the gate industry in Australia, we adhere to the highest standards of safety and security, ensuring that our products meet the needs of Australian customers.

With unmatched access control capabilities and configurable features, full-height turnstiles have diverse applications across many industries and environments including:

  • Corporate Campuses: guide high-traffic entry/exit to offices, and restrict access to secure areas.
  • Stadiums & Entertainment Venues:  manage crowds, verify tickets, and tighten security zones.
  • Government, Military, & Critical Infrastructure Sites: layered access control vital for security.
  • Industrial Facilities: protect unauthorized access to dangerous areas.

And more – any site managing an influx of people or securing sensitive areas can benefit from full-height turnstiles.

TriStar F21 Full Height SecuirtyTurnstile with Solar Option
TriStar F21 Full Height Security Turnstile with Solar Option

Our flagship full-height turnstile is the Australian-engineered TriStar F21 model. As the original full-height turnstile was created domestically, it is designed for local conditions and to provide adaptable access control with special optional features.

The TriStar F21 is compatible with all standard access control systems to integrate credentials, badges, biometrics, and intercom systems for visitor screening. Special add-ons can also be incorporated like breathalyzers for sites needing extra security layers.

For reliability, the TriStar F21 features a mechanical drive system with a conditional 5-year warranty. This robust commercial-grade construction stands up to high traffic volumes. The unit also has an integrated solar power option for off-grid usage paired with a battery backup system. Batteries provide up to 3,000 cycles during power failures to prevent disruption. 

The TriStar F21 is a trusted and proven full-height turnstile solution for sites across corporate, government, entertainment, industrial and other sectors. With tailored access control policies and hardy construction, it’s the ideal choice for managing ingress/egress points prone to overflow crowds or needing stringent verification.

Full-height turnstiles provide unmatched access control and security compared to barrier gates or waist-high units. Standing over 7 feet tall with durable steel construction, they allow orderly and regulated passage after identity verification on an individual level.

As we’ve covered, full-height turnstiles from trusted providers like us limit the risks of unauthorized access, tailgating, and intrusion that open gates invite. Configurable access systems also enhance safety by restricting impaired individuals from entering hazardous areas. 

With customizable credentialing, biometric scans, breath analysis and more, full-height turnstiles keep sites secure while enabling efficient visitor processing. Added reliability features like solar power and battery backup prevent system failures even in challenging conditions.

Rotech offers industry-leading full-height turnstiles purpose-built for Australian requirements, with models like the flagship TriStar F21 anchoring access control strategies across the country.

To see how our secure, adaptable full-height turnstiles can become the cornerstone of your site safety, contact our team today for a free consultation on finding the ideal solution tailored for your access control needs.