Bionik AG Boom Gates helping turn Trash into Treasure

Post by: admin - October 11, 2021

Until July 2019, Queensland was the only state without a waste levy, making it an attractive place for interstate operators to dump waste.  Queensland also had one of the lowest recycling rates in the country.

After years of no levy on landfills, the Queensland government implemented its waste levy on 1 July 2019, aimed at:

  • promoting the idea of recycling and resource recovery, reducing waste going to landfills and waste reduction; and
  • stemming the flow of cross border shipping of waste from other states.

The introduction of the levy significantly changed the way waste facilities operate. Funds raised by the levies are used to finance waste and recycling initiatives and encourage waste avoidance.

The new regulations have resulted in waste disposal operators being more vigilant about managing who uses their dump, segregating waste, and improving recycling facilities. 

The Moreton Bay Region has the unique position of having available land space for dumping where other Councils have run out.  However, with residents more actively cleaning up at home or undertaking DYI during COVID the amount of waste taken to the tip has more than doubled, making the need to recycle a priority.


As part of its focus on improving and enhancing existing waste infrastructure and waste management practices, the Moreton Bay Regional Council undertook a   $6 million overhaul of its Dakabin Waste Transfer station.

The upgrade included improved road linkages, directional signs, safety fencing, CCTV security, and a new community recycling facility. The new site layout makes it easier for businesses and residents to use and identify resource recovery and reuse options. 

Image of Bionik AG Boom Gate in operation at Dakabin Dump

“We’re not only increasing the capacity of the Dakabin Waste Transfer Station, we’re redesigning it so that locals can get in and out as quickly as possible”
Moreton Bay Region Mayor said.

Essential to delivering Council’s “Faster, Greener, Cleaner Dumping” objectives is providing safe, secure and efficient access control at entry and exit points.  The Council installed three Rotech Bionik boom gates at Dakabin to facilitate the fast throughput of high volumes of traffic experienced during peak times.

The operator in the entrance booth uses a push-button to activate the boom gate on entry.  Warning lights flash alerting site visitors when the boom pole is opening or closing.  Once the vehicle has cleared the entrance or exit a safety PE beam closes the boom gate ready for the next vehicle.


  • High operational efficiency – 100% duty cycle
  • Up to 4000-5000 operations per day – ultra-low power consumption
  • Customisable for all types of weighbridges
  • Relocatable for temporary entry areas around the facility if required
  • Optional solar power is available for areas without access to mains power
  • Automatic emergency opening: of the boom gate triggered by the fire alarm


Priority on Safety

  • Manual opening: easily opened using the release key
  • Increased control of safety sensing: motor design enables instant reversing of the boom pole if any safety devices are activated or if the pole is obstructed.
  • Essential safety features: strategically placed warning lights on the top of the cabinet are standard. 
  • Battery back-up: will continue to function for up to 300 operations in the event of power failure allowing vehicles to exit.

Rotech are leaders in automated access control –  our boom gates are tough, Reliable, cost-effective and easily configured for different locations.  Call us on (07) 3205 1123 or email us


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