Australian Made TriStar F21 Full Height Turnstile

Post by: admin - June 18, 2024
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Our TriStar F21 full-height turnstile stands out for its extensive customisation capabilities. Compatiblilty with all access control systems ensures seamless integration into new or existing security infrastructure. 

For more than two decades Rotech has supplied this industry-leading full-height turnstile purpose-built for Australian requirements. The TriStar F21 is packed with clever features all designed and developed locally and based on years of customer feedback.

Whatever’s on your checklist for a Full Height Turnstile

– Rotech has it covered!

☑️ Australian-Made Quality

Australian engineered and designed for local conditions Rotech’s turnstiles are manufactured in Australia, ensuring high quality and durability standards.

Due to local manufacturing stock is readily available. No waiting on international shipments, we can tailor our production and delivery dates to suit customer orders.

By choosing Australian-made full-height turnstiles, businesses can benefit from high-quality, customisable solutions tailored to meet specific needs while supporting local industry and ensuring compliance with local standards.

☑️ Customisation and Flexibility

Specialised features can be incorporated into the standard design to meet unique situational requirements, such as:

  • Stainless steel and powder coating for added protection and aesthetic appeal.
  • A wide access gate, seamlessly extending the turnstile frame, provides unrestricted passage for larger items like wheelchairs, bulky deliveries, and equipment.
  • Solar panel and battery backup eliminate the need for traditional electrical connections and prevent system failures even in challenging conditions such as remote locations, construction sites etc.
  • Design modifications to the turnstile are possible on request to provide for unique applications, eg: angle exit, wider arm space etc
  • Other options available include access control integration, and additional security and safety features (LED lights, lockable mechanism, various settings for exit and emergency.

☑️ Compatibility and Integration

The TriStar F21 turnstile seamlessly integrates with all standard access control and security systems to manage cohesive and efficient pedestrian access, such as:

  • RFID, biometric readers, barcode scanners, credentials, badges and intercom systems for visitor screening 
  • Time and attendance systems
  • Surveillance systems
  • Custom software integration
  • Special add-ons like breathalysers, and hand sanitisers for extra layers of security

☑️ Reliability and Durability

Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant options make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Built with high-quality materials the frame and rotor are galvanised and stainless steel is an option, Rotech turnstiles are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

For reliability, the TriStar F21 features a mechanical drive system with a conditional 5-year warranty. This robust commercial-grade construction stands up to high traffic volumes minimising maintenance.

☑️ Robust Security

Designed for maximum security the TriStar Full Height Turnstile reduces the risk of unauthorised access. Advanced security features such as:

  • Built-in alarms and anti-tailgating sensors detect and prevent unauthorized access attempts
  • Single, bi-directional or free-pass operation modes for controlled entry and exit.
  • The Turnstile roof prevents unauthorised and unseen entry at unattended exits.
  • Emergency override options ensure enhanced protection.

☑️ Ease of Use

The user-friendly design facilitates smooth fast throughput of pedestrian traffic through the gate. Features include:

  • Soft start and stop mechanisms ensure smooth operation, requiring minimal strength to use.
  • High, wide entrances allow easy entry for personnel wearing safety hats or carrying tools.

☑️Proven Track Record

Rotech has been producing the TriStar full-height turnstiles for more than 10 years and our history of successful turnstile installations and satisfied customers reflects the reliability and performance of this product. Case studies and testimonials demonstrate the practical benefits and performance of Rotech turnstiles in various settings. Check out our other blogs.

Over the years our F21 Full Height Turnstiles have been supplied to many high-profile projects including the West Connex in NSW, the Cross River Rail project in Brisbane, and the Airport extension in Brisbane and Adelaide.
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