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TriStar SL3 Slim-Line Waist Height Turnstiles

These slim-line waist height turnstiles are an economical option for many security and access control applications. The TriStar SL3 turnstiles are widely used in gyms, apartments, factories, large office blocks, sports centres and public buildings,

Designed for use in high volume traffic areas to control pedestrian access the TriStar SL3 turnstile has an average throughput of 25 people per minute.


A gentle push starts the arm revolving ensuring a smooth operation and the DC brushless motor allows the rotation speed to be adjusted to suit the situation.




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TriStar F21 Full Height Australian Made Security Turnstile

The TriStar F21 Full Height Turnstile is a bi-directional turnstile with galvanised frame and rotor, stainless steel is an option.  With a soft start and stop feature, even a small child can operate it.


An optional wide access gate, designed as a seamless extension to the turnstile frame, is available where access for larger items such as wheelchairs, bulky deliveries and equipment is required.


The TriStar’s unique relay and battery back-up system handle power outages by automatically switching to the battery back-up and activates a warning siren.  A standard feature of the F21 the battery back-up allows the turnstile to operate for up to 3000 cycles without mains power.


The TriStar F21 turnstile’s high capacity drive mechanism has a 5 year conditional guarantee.

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TriStar J18 AT Stainless Steel Weatherproof Waist Height Turnstiles

The TriStar J18 AT bi-directional waist height turnstiles have a wide range of applications for security and access control.   Designed for use in high volume traffic areas to control pedestrian access, these turnstiles have an average throughput of 25 people per minute making them suitable for the largest buildings.


The cabinet is made from 304 stainless steel and its sophisticated elegant design makes it suitable for even the most up-market sites such as office blocks, sports centres and public buildings.


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