TriStar J18 AT Stainless Steel Weatherproof Waist Height Turnstiles

$7,466.25 (Incl GST)

The TriStar J18 AT bi-directional waist height turnstiles have a wide range of applications for security and access control.   Designed for use in high volume traffic areas to control pedestrian access, these turnstiles have an average throughput of 25 people per minute making them suitable for the largest buildings.


The cabinet is made from 304 stainless steel and its sophisticated elegant design makes it suitable for even the most up-market sites such as office blocks, sports centres and public buildings.


SKU: 702

The TriStar J18 AT waist height turnstiles features highly visible illuminated indicators showing the card has been accepted.  A memory input remembers how many cards are presented and doesn’t lock the turnstile until all users recorded have passed through the turnstile.

Compatible with any type of access control, ticketing or proximity systems, a proximity or barcode reader can be installed inside the turnstile.

Safe exit from a building in an emergency is an essential component of any access control equipment. When connected to the fire alarm or other emergency systems the J18 AT’s active arm automatically drops allowing fast exit from the building.  Once the emergency is over the arm automatically reverts to the closed position ready to resume normal operation.

The DC brushless motor allows the rotation speed to be adjusted and conveniently turns arm after a gentle push ensuring a smooth operation.

The turnstile is free standing, and is installed by bolting to the floor and all electrical cabling is concealed within the frame.

The TriStar J18 AT Waist Height Turnstile includes the following features:

  • Easy set up using the LED display.
  • Highly visible indicators to show tag has been accepted.
  • The control panel shows the status of all key components.
  • Accurate positioning using the encoder.
  • Multiple input and output ports, can be configured to user requirements.
  • When the arm is returning to the default position it slows so that there is no mechanical force on the internal components.
  • The rotation speed of the arm while entering the turnstile can be adjusted.
  • If the arm is forced without presenting a card the arm locks for 4 seconds.
  • During a power failure or an emergency the arm drops and will automatically reposition itself when the emergency is over.
  • 304 grade stainless steel.
  • RS485 port.


Optional features

  • Inbuilt up/down counter with battery back up
  • Ethernet connection
  • Audible alarm


For more information download our product datasheet

Specifications TriStar J18 AT Waist Height Turnstile
Throughput 25 users per minute
Channel Width 550 – 600 mm
Duty Cycle 100%
Safety Devices Arm drops in emergency
Signal time out Adjustable up to 20 seconds
Input Signal 12vdc /  RS485 / dry contact
Power Supply 240vac
Control Voltage 24vdc
Power Consumption 50w
Protection IP 55
Operating Temperature – 30°C  70°C



For more information download our product datasheet


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