WiZo-Link Wireless Transceiver

$156.75 (Incl GST)

Equipment automation made simple and wireless


WiZo-Link uses radio technology to create a fully-connected home or business by forming a wireless mesh network that can be effortlessly scaled and expanded according to your requirements.


WIZO Link 12/24V creates a standalone network of devices that inter-communicate – requires a minimum of 2 devices, each device acts as both transmitter and receiver.


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WiZo-Link wireless input-output module mesh network technology provides an always-connected, secure wireless environment, that can be used to remotely monitor and control virtually anything, from gate motors and alarm systems to borehole pumps, irrigation and lighting.

The WiZo-Link Wireless Transceiver includes the following features:

  • Replaces hard wired connections:  The WiZo-Link , there is no need to deface your property or spend large amounts of money on wired connections
  • Extendable Signal Range: Range is no longer an issue. Every device acts as a signal repeater.  Each WiZo-Link becomes a “node” in the network and talks to other nodes to create a responsive highway capable of carrying signals over long distances
  • Redundancy: The reliability of the network is guaranteed. If one of the devices stops working, the signal will be picked up by the nearest working device. Wireless technology is  prone to interference however Mesh networks are different. Mesh networks are robust, adaptable, secure, and scalable in terms of size and range with each new node added to the system acting as a repeater and strengthening the network
  • Not reliant on line-of-sight: a bidirectional device, each device in the network acts as both transmitter and receiver, further strengthening the network and making for a truly robust wireless infrastructure that isn’t reliant on line-of-site transmission
  • Unlimited List of Applications: Wirelessly control and activate lights, electric gates, pool pumps, irrigation systems, air conditioners and a plethora of other electrical appliances.


For more information download our product datasheet.



WiZo Link Wireless Transciever

Power Supply 12-24v ac/dc (not supplied)
No of outputs linkable by single input 10
No of inputs linkable by single input 10
Range 4km (Line of Sight), 200m (Inside Buildings)
Weight 65g
Dimensions (W x D  x H): 78 x 58 x 31mm





For more information download our product datasheet.


For information about installation and operating instructions please download our PDF.