Vantage 500 12vdc Linear Swing Gate Opener | Gates to 4M

Suitable for domestic and standard duty industrial sites – Battery powered – Solar power option – Anti crushing control – Leading edge controls – Suitable for gates up to 4 metres


The Vantage provides a sophisticated, low-cost solution for locations with medium traffic making it ideal for most domestic, commercial and standard industrial sites.


It’s high performance and low power consumption makes the Vantage swing gate openers safe and cost-efficient to run. Able to work on solar power without any modification the Vantage is good for situations where mains power may not be readily available.


Packed with safety features including leading-edge controls and an inbuilt electronic limits system which maintains precise control of the opening and closing of the gate. The Vantage can be set to open at a higher speed and close at a slower speed allowing fast access while minimising the chance of accidents when the gate is closing.

With only a low-voltage battery supply powering the Vantage operator, the system is totally safe from risks such as electrocution, and has the added benefit of providing power-failure protection.

The Vantage operators with battery back up are ideally suited for use with solar panels,  they do not require any modification to work with solar panels.

The V-Series controller accurately monitors any obstructions to the gate and ensures ultra-safe operation against crushing providing peace of mind.

The V-Series controller,  with its liquid Crystal Display (LCD), provides a very intuitive and easy to use menu system for setting up the end-of-travel limits and all features available on the system. Offering an extensive range of useful features, it has the ability to adapt the system to suit the requirements of almost every user.

The V-Series controller includes the following features

  • Advanced Positive Close Mode ensuring the gate remains closed in a secure, rigid position
  • Pedestrian Opening (adjustable opening and Autoclose time)
  • Remote Gate Status Indicator (gate position, power failure, low battery, multiple collision detection and Pillar Light status indication)
  • Courtesy / Pillar Light Timer with adjustable time
  • Fully configurable pre-delays with multiple pre-flash modes
  • Opening and closing safety beam inputs with beam circuit monitoring
  • Advanced solenoid or magnetic gate-lock release pulse
  • Supports inward and outward opening swing gates without the need for mechanical end stops.


For more information download our product datasheet

Specifications Vantage 400 Vantage 500
Input voltage 240V ± 10%, 50Hz
Motor power supply Battery-driven (standard
capacity – 7Ah)
Operator push force Maximum 220kgf
Typical gate opening time <14.3 sec <17.8 sec
Manual override Key release
Number of operations per day Maximum 250
Operations in standby with 7Ah battery Half Day – 70

Full Day – 58

Receiver code storage capacity 64 transmitter buttons
Limit Type Electronic Limits

For more information download our product datasheet

Download our information about installation and operating instructions