Sentinel Z58B Flap Barrier

The Sentinel Z58B flap barrier is an innovative pedestrian access control solution designed for versatility in various venues, including indoor and outdoor settings such as communities and office buildings.


The Sentinel Z58B series flap barrier is an easy-to-install power efficient and ultra-safe pedestrian access control system for indoor and outdoor sites such as Gyms, Aquatic Centers, Leisure Centers or Office Buildings.


The cabinet body is made of 304 stainless steel with a fine brushed texture on the surface.  The Z58B is compatible with most access control authentication methods and can seamlessly integrate with existing systems.


The Z58B uses photoelectric switch detection technology and is powered by a DC brushless motor with anti-friction properties and noise reduction capabilities for durable and quiet operation.

The cabinet body is made of 304 stainless steel with a fine brushed texture on the surface.  The sleek modern design combines good looks with a high degree of security and ease of access for all modern buildings.

The Sentinel Z58B Flap Barrier includes the following features:

  • Unauthorised Intrusion: prevents access if a person tries to enter without a valid access card
  • Excellent Design: the chassis body is made of 304 stainless steel, and the surface adopts a fine brushed texture effect.  The overall style is elegant and concise, with a simple line style and unique appearance.
  • Strong Motor and Mechanism: driven by DC brushless motor, firm structure, strong torque, anti-friction and noise reduction, durable operation, adjustable switching speed from 0.5S to 1S, MCBF≥15 million times, operating noise≤65dB.
  • Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor use: uses photoelectric switch detection technology and is equipped with 6 pairs of photoelectric switches. intensive detection, sensitive induction, and safe passage.
  • Support Various Access Control Methods:  It supports multiple access control authentication methods such as face recognition, RFID cards, Bar and QR codes for print tags and smartphones and meets the needs of various access control scenarios, and can be integrated with other systems for management and expansion.
  • Smart Interaction: the two-color-arrow status indicator and the passing indicator light allow pedestrians to clearly acknowledge the channel status.  In-time sound reminders ensures safe and reliable passing.


For more information download our product datasheet

Specification Z58BW Flap Barrier  
Body and Side Frame Material 304 Stainless Steel
Gate Material Acrylic
Color Stainless steel original color
Dimensions (L*W*H) 1,400*280*980mm
Lane 500~550mm
Motor DC brushless motor
Power Supply AC 220V/110V±10%, 50/60HZ
Device Power Total power: 100W

Motor power: 40W

Device Power Normally closed: 30 persons/minute

Normally opened: 40 persons/minute

Open-closing Speed 0.5s-1s adjustable
Detection Method Photoelectric switch Raster
Number of Electric eyes 6 Pairs 40 Pairs
Communication Interface Serial port and multi-channel I/O interface
Communication RS485 and TCP/IP
Noise ≤65dB
Working Temperature -25℃ to +70℃
Working Humidity ≤90%, no condensation
Working Environment Indoor and outdoor Indoor


For more information download our product datasheet.

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