G-SPEAK ULTRA 4GSM Intercom System

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Answer your intercom, and open your gate or garage, from anywhere for maximum convenience and security.


The G-SPEAK ULTRA is a wireless, mobile-based intercom system consisting of a combined gate station and GSM module.  The integral GSM module enables up to four different users to answer the intercom from their mobile phones for maximum security and convenience.







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The G-SPEAK ULTRA allows GSM mobile wireless communication between the user and the intercom gate station, enabling you to answer your intercom from anywhere.

The G-SPEAK ULTRA Intercom System includes the following features:

  • Wireless convenience: The G-SPEAK ULTRA 4G GSM-based intercom system lets your mobile phone act as the intercom handset so there is no need for expensive cable running back to the house or office.
  • Open your gate from anywhere: The G-SPEAK ULTRA system offers up to 1,500 users the ability to open an entrance gate from anywhere in the world via the G-REMOTE mobile App with your smartphone. The G-WEB PLUS online interface makes it easier than ever before to suspend and enable users, or even give them temporary or time-limited access.
  • Control and monitor: The G-SPEAK ULTRA will enable users to conveniently monitor and control up to four channels (multiple gates or doors) each independently configurable as either inputs or outputs.
  • Easy and secure setup: The G-SPEAK ULTRA intercom system may be administered via SMS commands sent directly from your mobile phone, or via the CENTSYS G-WEB PLUS online interface.   Easily add, delete and edit authorized users, select which
    G-SPEAK ULTRA functions they can use and configure the inputs and outputs.
  • G-WEB PLUS: Access more functions via the CENTSYS web interface, G-WEB PLUS, also available as a free mobile app:
    • Change settings such as passwords, call, ring and hang times, channel settings, voice and switch numbers
    • Receive firmware update notifications and update firmware over-the-air
    • Monitor network balances, power supply voltage and signal strength
    • View diagnostics and event logs
    • Set up timed auto-activations
    • Add, delete, suspend users and administer their profiles
    • Intelligent monitoring of gate status – receive push notifications on your mobile of events such as; gate left open, infrared gate safety beams obstructed for unusual length of time or alarm activated.

*Antenna included


For more information download our product datasheet.



 Specifications G-SPEAK ULTRA
Supply Voltage Range 11-24V DC
Maximum Current Draw 300mA @ 12V DC
Input/output Current Rating 50mA (Open Collector)
SIM Card Requires Micro SIM card.
Note: Ensure that all diverts (e.g. voicemail) are cancelled and SIM card has sufficient credit for SMS and data.
Number of Configurable Input/Output Channels 4
Call Buttons on Calling Module 2
Call confirmation at Calling Module Yes
Speech volume Adjustable at Calling Module using
Call Buttons
Calling Module illumination Call Buttons and labels with back-lit white LEDs
Memory Capacity 1500 Access numbers

5000 Event logs

20 Access Profiles

1 Custom Welcoming SMS Message for New
Access Numbers

20 Custom Output Activation SMS
Messages (From User to Device)

30 Custom Input Notification SMS/Email
Messages (From Device to User)

100 Visitor Time-barring Windows (Windows are the periods between two dates)

30 Generic Time-barring Windows (Windows are weekly recurring)

10 Output Activation Schedules (Schedules are weekly recurring)

3 Daylight Saving Periods

4 Input to Output Mapping Configurations

 Model Options GSM 4G/LTE-CAT1: 900/2100MHz
Degree of protection (G-Speak Ultra) IP40
 Degree of protection (Calling Module) IP52


For more information download our product datasheet.

For information about installation and operating instructions please download our PDF.