Solar Panel Kits

Rapid advances in gate opener design and lower cost solar panels has made it possible to operate your gate, boom gate or turnstile without mains power.

Rotech can custom build a solar power system to suit any application from a domestic sliding gate to a mine boom gate operating up to 500 operations per day.

Solar power systems have a number of advantages:

  • The solar panel charges a battery that powers your gate so you have a working gate even if the mains fail.
  • You do not need to run high voltage cables to the gate, this means a significant reduction on the cost of installation.
  • Boom gates and turnstiles can be employed in temporary applications such as building sites, quarries or sports events. Special portable bases with the solar panels fitted allow the units to be easily relocated.
  • The standard battery is calculated to give you 2 days standby with no sun, this can be upgraded quite easily by adding a larger battery and in some cases a larger solar panel may be needed.


The solar panel needs to be mounted in a position where it gets the most sunlight, away from trees or buildings.  It is usually mounted on a pole or a building at about 2.5 m from the ground.

The size of the solar panel depends on the number of operations per day and the amount of  accessories, (PE beams, keypad) that will be fitted.

For most domestic applications a 25watt solar panel with a 7 Ah battery will power the gate opener for 10 -20 operations per day for two days.

Solar gate opener kits are available for the  D5 EVO, D10 sliding gate openers, Vantage swing gate openers, the Sector boom gates and the TriStar FH turnstiles

The solar gate opener kit consists of :

  • Solar panel
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets
  • Voltage regulator


For more information download our product datasheet.