SafePass LD100 & LD200 Series Loop Detectors

The new design LD 100 and LD 200 series of loop detectors have high noise immunity as standard which prevents interference from outside sources.

The eight sensitivity settings and ASB (automatic sensitivity boost) offer enough flexibility to detect small cars and high bed trucks.
With a very fast response time of 120ms the loop will provide an excellent safety feature for even the fastest doors and parking boom gates.

The loops are interchangeable with other leading brands and have the same pin configuration.  The LD range is available as a 1,2 or 4 channel loop detector other models have diagnostic capabilities and an RS485 communications port.

The LD100 & 200 Series Loop Detector include the following features

  • Reset Switch: The reset switch enables the detector to be manually reset during commissioning and testing. This results in the detector re-tuning the sensing loop and becoming ready for   vehicle detection.
  • Selectable Pulse Time: This feature sets the length of time that the pulse relay will be energised for 0.1 second or 0.2 second.
  • Pulse Relay Selection: The Pulse relay may be configured to energise on detection of a vehicle or when the vehicle leaves the loop.
  • Sensitivity Boost: This feature sets the undetect level to maximum sensitivity and is used to prevent loss of detection of high-bed vehicles.
  • Switch Selectable sensitivity: Eight sensitivity settings are available on the switches to allow flexibility in configuration.
  • Switch Selectable frequency: Two frequency settings are available to prevent cross-talk between adjacent loops.
  • Filter Option: This option is used to provide a delay between detection of the vehicle and switching of the output relay. This delay is normally used to prevent false detection of small or fast moving objects.
  • Permanent Presence Option: This feature ensures detection of the vehicle will be maintained when the vehicle is parked over the loop for extended periods.


Available with the LD200 Series Only

  • Selectable N/O or N/C relay output:  Internal jumpers enable the output relay contacts to be configured for normally open or normally closed contacts.
  • Direction Logic: This feature enables the detector to give a pulse output on relay1 for a vehicle traveling from loop1 to loop2 and a pulse output on relay 2 for a vehicle traveling from loop2 to loop1.


For more information download our product datasheet.



Specification LD100 & LD 200 LD102 & LD 202
Power Requirement 240 vac 1.5 va 12/24 vac/dc   95ma
Presence/Pulse Relay 0.5A/220VAC
Indicators LED indicators show:  Power, Detect state and Loop Fault
Detector Tuning Range 15 – 1500 uH
Frequency Two step adjustable 15 –130KHz
Sensitivity Settings 1  – 0.01 %    HIGH
2 – 0.02 %
3 – 0.05 %
4 – 0.1 %
5 – 0.2 %
6 – 0.5 %
7 –  1 %
8 – 2 %         LOW
Protection Loop isolation transformer, zener diode and gas discharge tube.
Connector 11 Pin Connector on rear of unit
Operating Temperature -40°C to 80°C
Environmental tracking Automatic compensation
Response Time 120ms after vehicle enters the loop

For more information download our product datasheet.


For information about installation and operating instructions please download our PDF.