I-Gate 1200 4G GSM Gate Opener

$585.20 (Incl GST)

Stores up to 1200 numbers – can control gates, doors and boom gates – easily programmed via Smartphone App -12-24v ac/dc


The I-Gate 1200 is ideal for domestic or commercial use.  Suitable for small to medium size buildings, this simple GSM gate opener allows you to control your automated gate function via SMS giving you complete control of your gates at your fingertips from anywhere.


A key innovation of the I-Gate lies in the 4G GSM unit, with management and programming via an intuitive Smartphone App.

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The I-Gate can store up to 1200 numbers, and any of these numbers can call the I-Gate, which then activates an output relay to open a gate or a boom gate. (There is no charge for calls made between your mobile phone and the i-Gate).

Programming the unit is done by SMS text message; with options to check the SMS signal, add numbers for access and add a service number.

This device comes with a free App which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded from your App store by searching for “AES Lite App” or using the QR code.

The I-Gate 1200 Gate Opener includes the following features:

  • Large memory which can store up to 1200 numbers for caller ID access.
  • GSM gate opener with IOS & Android apps
  • App available with hold open buttons (for gate systems supporting this feature)
  • Check stored numbers by SMS
  • SMS passcode access for non-stored numbers
  • Simple programming by SMS text or app
  • Trigger, latch and unlatch gates by SMS text or with app
  • Program dial out numbers and other related features.

Note: the I-Gate requires a 4G SIM card to operate (not supplied).

For more information download our product datasheet.



I-Gate 1200 Gate Opener

Power Supply 12-24v ac/dc (not supplied)
Standby Current 45mA
Current when called 200mA
Relay Load 24v ac, 1amp max
Relay Type N/C and N/O. Latching and momentary
Weather Rating IP67



Examples of I-Gate Screen Views

For more information download our product datasheet.


For information about installation and operating instructions please download our PDF.


Set up and operation of the I-Gate 1200 is easy: download the AES Lite App  using the QR code below or click here, then simply establish a connection via Bluetooth, login and select from the wide range of functions from the main menu.